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41 Colonialism and neo-colonialism in Africa and the imminent transformations of Buckingham Palace
The deceitful part of the European norms is being adopted swiftly by our African religious leaders--they are even masters at the perfection of this deception.
42 The unsettling Buckingham Palace braces for interview of Prince Harry and Meghan Duchess of Sussex
The new reality for the Queen of England may not have been the perception of the British people, whereas, perception is a reality to judgemental people.
43 The hypocrisy of Mr. Tortoise and his minions!
Before the 1999 presidential election in Nigeria, this writer ruefully told candidate Olusegun Obasanjo during an NTA phone interactive program that OBJ was a master at political prostitution.
44 The price of deliberate ignorance and indifference in Nigeria!
Some Nigerians like to cut the branch of a tree in which they're comfortable sitting. A deliberate tragedy of their thought process, you would say?
45 "America is Back" with Multilateralism
Were America to be real America during the gestation period of Coronavirus in China, America through her quintessential leadership, would have tamed the widespread and global mutations of the lethal virus ravaging the world.
46 National, Lagos lottery boards working in collaboration ― Gbajabiamila
Mr Lanre Gbajabiamila, has said that the commission is currently working in collaboration with the Lagos State Lottery Commission, LSLC
47 Number of persons with mental issues in Nigeria increasing ― Doctors
FCT chapter of National Association of Resident Doctors (NARDs) observed there is increasing number of persons with mental health issues in the country.
48 Alhaji Lateef Kayode Jakande: The loud silence of a quintessential Awoist!
The only political mistake Alhaji Jakande made was his acceptance to serve under the regime of the cruel Abacha's administration..
49 An Open Letter to Yoruba activist, Mr. Sunday gbho!
Some of your brave contemporaries have been on what I call necessary trouble on our collective road to nowhere in the past! But there is a caveat to your activism methods of agitation.
50 Latrines as toilets (Restrooms) in Africa!
In this 21st-century and postmodern era, it is unbelievable to still see the medieval times very much prevalent in Africa.

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