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31 Buhariís failure of leadership may hasten Nigeria as "a question of time"
Those of us who were Buhariís ardent and (un)repentant supporters have no moral justification to keep deafening silence while he fails us.
32 The lamentations of a former Buharist!
We want President Buhari's government to be all-inclusive instead of playing into the hands of ethnic bigots in the country. People are beginning to realize that the president is seemingly more a Hausa man before he is a true Nigerian.
33 Success: Biden's 100 Days as US President
Biden came at the auspicious time America was on the brink of the wedge, and at its lowest bruised leadership and image in the international community.
34 NIGERIA: From a Joke State to a Pariah Nation! (Nigeria is under siege)!
How a nation's President can be shielding an alleged terrorist sympathizer in his cabinet is sickening and unbelievable in a nation under the siege of ineffective leadership and domestic terrorism.
35 George Floyd died, but his spirit got justice; It's time to heal our collective wounds
Justice has been served beyond the minority group's usual expectations in a society bedeviled with systemic racism, conscious and unconscious biases, and prejudices.
36 Conversational: Buhari goes to London for Medical Tourism
Mr. President, isn't it a shame for a leader of the most potentially prosperous and wealthiest nation in Africa to be going on medical transportation to Queen Elizabeth's land?
37 Happy Easter to Pope Francis, and Christians around the world
Pope Francis, our beatitude! He is a quintessential individual shaping a confusing world for posterity, good governance, and revival of souls for the good of mankind.
38 How the brutish British colonial masters underdeveloped Africa!
The brutish British empire and imperialists believed that if Africa is fully independent, liberated, and free from colonialism, it would be a socioeconomic disaster for Europe and its western allies.
39 Suicidal ideation: Save the person next door!
In the absence of mindfulness, many lonely thoughts (such as suicidal thoughts and ideation) can creep into our subconscious minds in times of challenges and tribulation.
40 Religion: The opium of livelihood in Nigeria
Religion in Nigeria is a form of mental robbery and slavery. Our country has become a nation where the government is defined as a coagulation of cult of politicians and religious brigandage.

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