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211 A short note to potential trouble-shooters in Ekiti!
...if you kill or maim yourselves for Fayose or Fayemi, the euphemism in yose-yomi from Ifa or Orunmila will have nothing to do with your deliberate ignorance.
212 Nigeria is bleeding profusely!
If you want to settle down to savor a hotchpotch of soup you made in the village populated by longthroated individuals-and of a thousand demons, you must be ready to feast with a long-specially-made-spoon, otherwise....
213 Sowore: When tomorrow is too far!
The sad reality in Nigeria today is that the Nigerian youths aren't ready for tomorrow. They prefer to savor yesterday for today in order to jettison tomorrow.
214 The questionable integrity of a President
The writing of this article was partly provoked by Mr. Yahaya Balogun's piece, as published by Nigeriaworld, titled, 'Yes, Mr. Integrity And His Adversaries...!!!', in which he exalted President Muhammadu Buhari as Integrity personified.
215 Yinka Ayefele: A Music House in travails!
My honest message to Oyo state government and Yinka Ayefele's Music House is that, there are better ways to do things without incurring the wrath of the law.
216 A sad commentary about Nigerians!
Our current youth's signature in Nigeria is everything that's abnormal and immoral in the wellbeing of the nation. Nigeria needs a true fervent revival to veer her away from hateful and resentment paths it has found itself.
217 Kofi Annan: A quintessential diplomat dies at 80
The way Kofi Annan managed the crisis that rocked United Nations' 'food for oil' showed a man who was a manager of international argy-bargy.
218 Unconditional love in a shrinking world!
In retrospect, unlike the period of the primitiveness of our forefathers, beauty and love are not mutually exclusive, but in this day and age, love and beauty are mutually exclusive.
219 Yes, Mr. Integrity and his adversaries....!!!
It's heartwarming to be associated with this man of conscientized people. The man is President Muhammadu Buhari of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Buhari has immeasurably shaped and influenced my life and the lives of others I have known in a tremendous...
220 US Senator John McCain dies at 81
I am actually dwarfed in words to write on Senator John McCain, but my love for this indefatigable strongman will encourage me to try my best at paying a glowing tribute to his impeccable personality.

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