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21 Let's reason together!
With activism, Kanu, Sowore, Igboho, etc., are just a collective representation "fighting" the rot in our system.
22 Side Chic, onídùúró mi (a man of infidelity), the Chidinmas, and Atagas of Nigeria!
In, all in all, Ada and Michael's story of sexual orgies has again brought to fore the sickening society and the rambunctious behavior of cyborgs in zukersville.
23 Biden brings sigh of relief to G7 ...Is America truly back?
President Biden's steady and diplomatic hands may sway or halt Putin's recalcitrant posture. Biden's measured temperament may make Putin recoil back to pre-Trump's embarrassing era....
24 THE GHOST OF JUNE 12: A referential to "7 Fatal delusions among southerners"
The way we democratize deliberate ignorance in the southern district of a failing Nigeria is beyond pale. The current agitation for the Oduduwa Republic is mused in the wrong footings.
25 An Urgent Letter to President Buhari
Mr. President, you seem to be 'losing your cool.' Do not slide into an authoritarian and despotic leadership. Be advised, sir, as a disgruntled, aggrieved and dispirited former staunch Buharist....
26 Let's Pray!
Our leaders are existential threats to Nigeria's growth and development. We, the people, have lost the moral code and sacred compass bestowed upon us as your holy grail.
27 The political genomes of Babangida, Abacha, Obasanjo, Jonathan, and Buhari in all of us!
Nigeria is a holy-alliance nation with spiritual entrepreneurs. Hate and resentment are now the trademarks that make people self-destruct.
28 Folks, may your road be rough
Tai Solarin wrote the article to usher in the then New Year--1964. The ace article was titled: 'May your road be rough.' The satiric piece generated a lot of furor in a nation full of the hypothesis of religious hypocrisy.
29 News -- Insecurity, restructuring: South West women mobilise, set agenda for 2023
HEADLINE | Posted: Saturday, May 15, 2021 Insecurity, restructuring: South West women mobilise, set agenda for 2023 ..Say menfolk have failed the nation By Olasunkanmi Akoni Prominent women from the South West geo political zone of Nigeria have called on...
30 Ramadan: A month of soul-searching for Muslims!
Islam is currently the most misconceived and misunderstood religion in the world. Those who tagged Islam as a religion of violence are reluctantly exonerated....

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