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191 To murder with hate in Libya -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Yesterday, it was South Africa, today, it is Libya. Tomorrow where? This is an unending question whose answer can easily be predicted. Nigeria had in the past played crucial roles to help brotherly African countries including Southern Africa and Libya. Why...
192 Mugabe, power and the burden of history -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
With ruination, president Mugabe played into the noxious hands of the monstrous Western media who have seen nothing good coming out of Africa. President Robert Mugabe would have been African emancipator, but just like Baba Iyabo, the Aremu Olusegun...
193 Anambra poll, a boost for Buhari and Obiano's integrity -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Pointblank with nostalgia, Anambra's election again elucidated President Buhari's unfettered vision for Nigeria. His unscathed integrity with his incorruptible persona is morally unquestionable judging from the just concluded election in Anambra state.
194 Beyond Atiku's unending political ambition -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
In a sane clime, Alhaji Abubakar Atiku's presidential ticket or ambition will be a huge joke, but Atiku operates in the fouled Nigerian politics. It is a society of anything goes!
195 Domestic violence, Yes! you can stop it! -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
I am delighted to share my experience and what I learned from the important gathering. It was an occasion that attempted to deal with one of the menaces of the society. Women, children, and sometimes men are dying needless deaths in the hands of their...
196 Governor Okorocha and the erectile dysfunctional statues of history -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
As Owerri, Imo state, Nigeria is beguiled with the uglification of statues of corruption, it is expedient to reflect on the sad story of my people back home in Imo state and Nigeria in general. Owerri is just a macrocosm of the sorry state of the State...
197 The tragedy of African leaders, and the input of their unrepentant enablers! -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
In Africa, ; It's always a woe; story of inhumanity ; Of man to man.; While the world moves ; With modernity, Africa ; Is bedeviled with pseudo-religiosity; And do-or-die politics.
198 Our collective shame in Africa (Poem) -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Africa is returning ; To the past, a period of slave by barter.; Her citizens are being sold; To the devil in the Eastern Africa.; Her scions languish in heinous ; Plantation across the oceans.
199 Is it compatible for Christians to become traditional rulers in Ijawland? -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Before answering the question with a Yes or a No answer, it is necessary to explore the question critically. Similarly, before condemning the writer for being anti-Christian, it is necessary to read and digest the story in order to have a full...
200 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Ramadan: A month of soul searching for Muslims!
It is heartwarming now that Muslims are coming out to vehemently condemn the heinous crimes being perpetrated by these religious hoodlums in the name of Islam. Factually, these unrepentant fundamentalists do not even understand the religion they claim to...

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