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181 Kofi Annan: A quintessential diplomat dies at 80
The way Kofi Annan managed the crisis that rocked United Nations' 'food for oil' showed a man who was a manager of international argy-bargy.
182 Unconditional love in a shrinking world!
In retrospect, unlike the period of the primitiveness of our forefathers, beauty and love are not mutually exclusive, but in this day and age, love and beauty are mutually exclusive.
183 Yes, Mr. Integrity and his adversaries....!!!
It's heartwarming to be associated with this man of conscientized people. The man is President Muhammadu Buhari of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Buhari has immeasurably shaped and influenced my life and the lives of others I have known in a tremendous...
184 US Senator John McCain dies at 81
I am actually dwarfed in words to write on Senator John McCain, but my love for this indefatigable strongman will encourage me to try my best at paying a glowing tribute to his impeccable personality.
185 The books of pretense! (Poem)-- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
They are selfish enablers; Motivated by gratification.; Self-subsumed in dressing; Up in the room of self-hate!; They knew what they were doing!
186 Buhari is a Political Tsunami!
Buhari is a paradigm shift; In the life of a nation!; Your ramshackle at his feet,; Makes Buhari remains Abiku; In the foul politics of Nigeria.
187 Aretha Franklin: A natural woman dies! (Poem)-- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
A pigeonholed cherub; In the racial divide of America.; She remained steadfast!; Beautiful soul who lived; A beautiful life in full.
188 The antithesis of love is hate!
When you unhook yourself from terrible thoughts and unnecessary emotions, you give room for expansion of your choices with LOVE! You will begin to see what others without mindfulness don't care to see!
189 Adieu Baba Sala!
With his savvy clownishness, Mr. Moses Olaiya usually brought joy and humor into the souls of millions of Nigerians.
190 The confluence of politics, religion and looting in Nigeria
The confluence of politics, religion and looting by the 1% of the population of over 180 million people is apparently appalling.

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