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171 Sowore, Buhari, morality, hate, bigotry, this writer and good conscience in Nigeria
The two people (Sowore and Buhari) who are agitating for an egalitarian society from a wasteland are victims of a society from which they operate.
172 Open Letter to President Muhammadu Buhari! Release Sowore now!
I am an avowed Buharist and unrepentant supporter of your efforts to see a country of our dream. ... Sowore is not flight-risk! Sowore is not a criminal. His gaffes and misdemeanor should not morph to hate and disregard for the rule of law and our sacred...
173 The futility of wants and desires!
Some men of yesterday basked in the euphoria of yesterday. To their chagrin, yesterday has now expired.
174 Why Senator-elect Smart Adeyemi must be smart!
Those who are surreptitiously maneuvering to usurp political power must now be unenthused by their inordinate political ambition.
175 American Thanksgiving: A reflection for Nigeria
Every time you go out of your comfort zone or house here in the United States or travel to other States of the Union, itís a sad reminder of the sorry state of our roads in Nigeria. Itís like our leaders are under a spell.
176 Lie is antithetical to truth! (Poem)
Do not be part of crooked lies!; Truth comes after lies are tamed!; Truth is soothsayer; liars are Naysayers!; Truth is aped by integrity!; Naysayers are negativists.
177 Osinbajo: A man to watch!
... heís a no-nonsense team leader. In a nutshell, when we carefully peruse the minds of Osinbajoís students and those he has led in the house of God before he became the number two man in Nigeria, we will come to attest to the professorís sense of...
178 Prof Tam David West: Adieu to a People's Professor!
Our humble Virologist; And quintessential Prof. T.D. West,; A beautiful writer and essayist; Is now our gentle sleeping giant!
179 Nigeria and her intellectual acuity
Nigerians are taking a quantum leap in academics and their professional callings. In the Diaspora, we carry our heads so proudly high to the admiration of other nationalities.
180 Nigerian ports of entry: A national disgrace?
The current viral video on the internet is a serious indictment on your administration. Those who are involved in the extortion of the Nigerian travelers at our ports of entry should be made a deterrent to others.

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