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161 Governor Fayose's misplaced priority and nothingness
Proudly, Ekiti State stands unique amongst its contemporaries in the Federation of Nigeria. It is a state endowed and endorsed with intellectual resources. We are a state mysteriously in the forefront when it comes to showcasing our innate and acquired...
162 Buhari and Sowore: Birds of a feather flock together!
While Sowore is winning some concerned Nigerians to his side, he should be wise to walk the fragile path. Some of us actually want President Buhari to return to his village in Daura to enjoy his twilight years, we want Sowore to be Buhari's heir apparent,...
163 The ghost of June 12 and the travails of the "annullers!"
With Obasanjo and Babangida as friends you don't need enemies for Nigeria. This twosome (individualists) are the ghouls and architects of the state of anomie we found ourselves in Nigeria today.
164 Peace of the graveyards, or peace at last..???!!!
Moscow and Washington; are now suitors,; Making advances; To Pyongyang; Pyongyang, a destination; For political toasts.; With Kim Jong-un as the new bride!
165 Stephen Hawkins' body interred! (Poem)
One hundreds or more years; From now, Stephen Hawkins; will be remembered; Like Albert Einstein.; His ingenuity will paint; Our subconscious minds; Like a clouded sky.
166 Buharism: A doctrine That will change the way we live in Nigeria
Buharism transcends Buhari himself and his incorruptible persona. Buharism as a doctrine is the prescription to stamp out Nigerian socio-economic malaise and official corruption.
167 Congratulations to Governor-Elect Dr. Fayemi, and ╚kýtý kete!
I strongly believe in second chance(s), but once beaten twice shy! Fayemi's renewed victory is a great opportunity for him to bring an all-inclusive-government to Ekiti State.
168 Presumptive Ajobiewe's victory, a litmus test for our democratic norms!
Nigeria is a country of repetitious history! The reason for its repetition isn't far fetched, the Nigerian masses are very complacent, and have failed miserably to learn from a repeated history.
169 Obasanjo's followers and the burden of history
It is high time the political fans of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo recalibrated their minds to see the futility of a man.
170 Not too young to run (NTYTR) is a panacea to Nigerian youths' complacency?????
The youth must be alive to its responsibility by organizing itself to take back its country from the current hedonistic political class in the country.

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