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161 Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Our cultural and literary icon
Nauseatingly, why do we not celebrate the good ones among us? Why do the brown-envelope Newspapers in Nigeria, and social media hogwash us with naughty and noxious things? Why don't people rejoice with our collective achievements domestically and on the...
162 The future of Africa and the botched "Nigeria Vision 2020"
'Nigeria Vision 2020' was a jamboree imagination with much fanfare! In the pseudo 'Nigeria vision 2020,' a careful peruse of its manuscript revealed a comprehensive vision to unleash the potential of Nigeria's resources within 20 years. A beautiful...
163 My 2020 year message to everyone!
What makes 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 or the previous years so different from the incoming year-2020 and beyond is the ugly or beautiful events of each year. It depends on your experiences or which side you are on!
164 Sowore: My 2019 best Christmas gift from President Buhari????
Last night, I was in bed musing to write another clamor letter to appeal to President Buhari for the release of Mr. Omoyele Sowore before Christmas and New Year! I never knew a beautiful gift was awaiting me from Aso Rock....
165 Softly, softly General T.Y Danjuma!
It is also very disturbing and disquieting to see our elders, whom the youth should seek advice from, making unguarded statements that can trigger uprisings in a troubled nation struggling to unearth peaceful coexistence.
166 POTUS: Impeachment and removal defined!
It's a sad and unfortunate day for America and the world to see American exceptionalism threatened by the vile and unthinkable behavior of her seating President.
167 President Buhari at 77
We pray to Almighty God to give you good health, more strength, and unalloyed bliss, wisdom, and power to your elbows, to be able to shoulder our multifarious and multifaceted problems in Nigeria.
168 MC Abuatik's sudden death: Let's take a moment each day to find peace, honesty, and love for humanity!
When we lose a life fully and moderately ensconced in flashy and beautiful personality, the death speaks volumes to us in the race of life! Softly, softly!
169 Abuatik MC: A beautiful soul is gone forever!
I am shocked beyond imagination.; The sudden death of the AbuAtic MC; Is a great loss to men and women of goodwill.; A beautiful smiling soul has exited the; Void world full of nothingness!
170 Mr. Tortoise and political hanky-panky in Nigeria
The more I try to be muted of Iyabo's grotesque grandstanding, the more I feel guilty to be part of the acquiescence and silent individuals to Mr. Tortoise's political opportunism.

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