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151 Oyedepo's antithetical gift to Buhari!
My felicitation to President Buhari is premised on the antithetical endorsement of President Buhari by the political Bishop, Oyedepo of Winners' Chapel Church and his tripartite political co-conspirators.
152 A short requiem for George W.H. Bush!
George Bush had his flaws as a national and international leader, but how he rebuilt the world in the post Cold war era was ingenious and unprecedented.
153 Weep not for them! (Poem)
Weep not for haters.; Empathize with their stolen minds.; Haters are encumbered to love.; They're never-happy-house-goers.; They're encircled by resentment.
154 Finding a lost history
The best brains, certainly, are found in the graveyards and the silence in Nigeria now is the silence of the graveyards. The best fertility for intellectual property abounds in Nigeria. Some of these brains have been wasted or drained to other...
155 Nigeria is a bridge of hope in the face of challenges!
The optimists must be cautious in their daily relationships with the cynics, they should always remember that cynics do not see what they see! There's every reason to be happy and optimistic about the future of Nigeria.
156 One ugly incident too many in Nigeria
The decimation of our Soldiers is not only humiliating and scary, it puts the buck at the table of the president. If the helpless people are not safe, then their Commander-in-Chief and the government have failed them.
157 His "transition hours" under his "watch"
The former president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan is a man that readily comes to mind as a meek individual who intertwines corruption with meekness and cluelessness.
158 Nigerian women, time has come!!!
C- ome home to roost your clime; O- n the match again, invoke amazon; M- mumble moremi's spirit; E- ntangle to emancipate Nigeria!!!
159 Ambode: Why we shouldn't dismantle the ladder of success!
I strongly sympathize with Ambode for self-destructing. He plays politics of vengeance and ingratitude, but karma is a equal distributor of rewards.
160 They are coming back? Never again!
Rueben Abati’s preachments in the media these days nauseate social norms and values. Femi Fani-Kayode’s seeming diarrhea of the mouth fouls our collective sense of history, decorum and decency.

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