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141 COVID-19: A Tale of Two "Pastors" in Nigeria
Pastor A is an enlivening charismatic old pastor. He was even telling his gullible followers that "God" told him that Coronavirus was coming in January 2020 but he said, he was careful not to reveal it because....
142 Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams possible pairing in November?
Though, 'American voters are very funny,' not sheepish but unpredictable! I am cautiously optimistic of Stacey Abrams's choice as a running mate to Biden, putting into consideration the Hilary Clinton's painful effect of 2016.
143 CORONAVIRUS: It's neither a reality show nor a conspiracy theory! It's real!
He has misled his throng of benign supporters by originally concocted that Coronavirus was a hoax and imaginary. The reality is fox(ing) on the traffickers of real conspiracy theories, and those who are now making everyone scampering for answers....
144 CORONAVIRUS: Test me while I am covered! (Poem)
In Uncle Sam's land, panic, fear; And uncertainty envelop us; As the test is unavailable for us!; Schools and public niches; Are in the anxiety of the peril; And the existential threat of Coronavirus!; China is the monster distributor!
145 In loving memory of Prof. Pius Adesanmi!
Approximately, a year ago, within a spate of two horrible weeks, I lost two Muses in sudden and tragic deaths. Who are we to question God's decision on our fallible souls?
146 Happy International Women's Day 2020
Men are terrors in their schisms,; With much audacity to pound; And inflict sweet anguish on women.; Men are enfant terrible,; In their innocuous cocoons.; Men are camps and scavengers of love.
147 Awo: A message to all Nigerians
The words of the late sage, Obafemi Awolowo are still very much fresh in our minds and instructive to the Nigerian authority. The government of Muhammadu Buhari needs to consider the true restructuring of the fractured federation.
148 O ye pseudo 'believers' in Nigeria!
Shame on you these "holier-than-thou" Nigerians crucifying this mortal and infallible woman--the renowned gospel singer, Tope Alabi.
149 A void world (Poem)
IN LOVING MEMORY OF KOBE BRYANT (1978 -- 2020), (Rest in Perfect Peace, Bro...!!!)
150 A Concerned Letter to President Trump (On the trave ban)
In reality, Nigeria's intellectual capital and economic prosperity are similar to those of the United States. But the Nigerian people have been economically raped and crunched for decades by her leaders. The shoddiness of our leaders to tackle insecurity...

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