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131 News -- My resolve to fight corruption unshaken - Buhari
[Resolve to fight Fulani herdsmen terror non-existent] HEADLINE | Posted: Tuesday, February 5, 2019 My resolve to fight corruption unshaken – Buhari President Buhari flags Off The Spud-In of Kolmani River II Well Drilling in Bauchi State on 2nd Feb...
132 The monstrosity and mercantilism of the western media!
The choice is absolutely for Nigerians to make! But for me and those in my cocoon, we would rather pitch our tent with a man (Buhari) attempting to create an accountable system for a functioning society through benevolent and participatory democracy.
133 The recent Jalingo's campaign tragedy!
They came with unblemished LOVE to welcome their hero and political savior-PMB to their habitat. Jalingo was agoged and enthusiastically ready see the unscathed man.
134 Nigerian politicians and the conflict of interest
The mind of a typical Nigerian politician is full of conflicts; conflict of interest, conflict of evil intention, narcissistic demeanor ... evils and blood wealth. How do ... affluent individuals in Nigeria explain the sources of their stupendous wealth?
135 The final onslaught from Kano
The sea of heads in Kano that welcomed President Muhammadu Buhari was terrific and very reassuring.
136 Why Buhari will win February 16, 2019 presidential election!
The ambivalent truth about Nigeria today is that, most of these Buhari haters are comfortably pretentious in their contributions to nation's mundane problems.
137 Sai baba to the next level!
A child of destiny!; everywhere he goes,; the downtrodden people; believe in him!
138 Omoyele Sowore's chapter in the political history of Nigeria
When the time comes to write a comprehensive history of Nigerian polity, Omoyele Sowore's chapter is adequately assured and preserved in the impending historical book of Nigeria.
139 MLK: A quintessential American exceptionalism
King Jr. has a legacy that continues to prick, shake and shape the conscience and consciousness of the world.
140 The fizzling political relevance of Mr. Tortoise!
The surreptitious role Baba is playing at this defining moment in our nation's history is unstatemanlike, and very disturbingly concerning!

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