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131 Anniversary of June 12 Presidential Election (1)
On Tuesday June 12, it will be the 25th Anniversary of the Presidential election of 1993. Many claimed it was the freest election held in this country. Sadly it was annulled.
132 Do not come to my funeral!
I am a war hero!; And a maverick patriot!; A defender of common good.; In war, I remained a true patriot!; I cherish American execeptionalism.
133 The inverted minds next door!
The current spate of insecurity in the country is unacceptable, and it is a serious indictment of the present administration of Buhari. There is a serious intelligence failure in Nigeria.
134 The urgency to re-organize the Nigerian Police Force!
The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) under the next political dispensation should be renamed as the Nigerian Police Department. The current name is an anachronism in modern world.
135 Sowore's cautious optimism
My advice to Sowore is to dissuade those who are using abusive and incendiary languages against President Muhammadu Buhari in this movement. The language of indecency is not a wise strategy.
136 She was a beautiful flower, even in death!
Mother who cradled; the self in me deserves accolades.; Her legacy lingers; In minds forever!; Posthumously, she wins; Motherhood's Awards!
137 Make love, not war!
When you make love and give love, you'll dwell In the euphoria of tranquility. And the expectations of Future ectasy, and rapturous delight!
138 Dino Melaye's 'shior kelebe' in a participatory democracy
Dino Melaye was away from Nigeria recently, he again showcased his jejune state of mind in a foreign country where things work. Senator Dino Melaye continues to make mockery of the country in which he is an active participant in fouling!
139 Sowing the seeds of discord without mindfulness
Whoever is trying to use our human capital in literature to further sow the seeds of discord among us should desist or refrain from it. If they don't use religion, they are quick to result to tribal sentiments to divide themselves.
140 Governor Fayose's misplaced priority and nothingness
Proudly, Ekiti State stands unique amongst its contemporaries in the Federation of Nigeria. It is a state endowed and endorsed with intellectual resources. We are a state mysteriously in the forefront when it comes to showcasing our innate and acquired...

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