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131 Innovators like Mr. Franklin Njiribe must be empowered!
Recently, a social media friend, Mr. Franklin Njiribe posted his 'invention' on his Facebook page. I was moved to tears, and with goose bumps to see a potential Nigerian 'inventor' languishing in a wasteland with the pregnancy of ideas.
132 Weep not for President George Weah
Many in Nigeria would surely remember him for the role he played in Nigeria politics, but for me personally I have no doubt that his most enduring legacy would be the hundreds of people he sent to study in various universities all over the world.
133 Town hall meetings: What Sowore must do now!
It is a welcome development that the Nigerian youths are refusing the pseudo and archaic appellation of 'Leaders of tomorrow' from the lexicon of their deceitful politicians.
134 Which way Nigeria? A lesson from America
Nigerian youths are rewriting the history of Nigeria again. We are taking our future into our own hands. We are refusing to be the tagged the 'Leaders of tomorrow.'
135 Nigerian youths and their golden aspiration to leadership
The issue is becoming interesting. How I wish there could be a forum to showcase as many of these youths as we can get in an open debate, not only to be able to see how articulate or how well composed they are on stage, BUT to test how familiar they are...
136 The France terror attack
I have come to conclusion that, no religion has the monopoly of violence. It is the modernisation of beliefs that has sustained the world from disintegration.
137 The all time low of a 'Sinator' in the 'Nassty' House!
This irresponsible behavior of 'sinator' dash should concern the Kogites in Nigeria and in the diaspora. Kogi, nay Nigeria should be a serious business, not a bazaar of fays with the eggheads. What kind of progressive bill do you think this empty nest...
138 Stephen Hawking: A timber in the science community
Though cowed and bludgeoned by disability, his incredible ability has made him one of the greatest scientists of our time.
139 Bringing out the greatness in us
Great minds usually sprout awkwardly from their rustic beginnings to become enigmas and world acclaimed individuals in their existential callings. They are nurtured by their beliefs and courage of convictions to transform the world. You and I have the same...
140 Beware of lying in The Ides of March!
In a dystopian state, hyped testimonies (stories) can only be told to folks in a place where gullibility, poverty and religiosity hold sway!

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