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121 Why we should encourage Sunday Iwalaiye, Daddy Freeze and the likes in Nigeria
Sunday Iwalaiye is a Nigerian-American scientist, and a physicist based in the United States. He is also a social critic. Ifedayo Olarinde, popularly called daddy Freeze, is a Nigerian radio host and a presenter, the two personalities among others, have...
122 Trump's' Word: A catalyst for African reawakening and development
The sly innuendo of Potus about African countries and Haitians is actually a blessing in disguise!
123 A new Nigeria is possible, dream it! (Poem)
I laid still in my bed; Ensconced in my cocoon.; In the dead of the night,; I felt nostalgic of a home ; As homie, unaware of my firmament! ; Suddenly, a deep slumber enviloped me. ; I started dreaming of a better Nigeria.
124 Buhari visits Abia for Mega APC rally
Really??? Are you kidding me? Why not Benue the disaster zone instead of political Abia Mr. President?
125 Mindfulness to success or failure
Your action is also influenced by the ways you perceive, think and feel about situations in your life. Your thought process and reactions to situations determine the outcome of your behavior, which invariably leads to negative or positive consequences.
126 Living a purposeful life
We have our own unique individual innate tendency to succeed. Even in life, at the appointed period in the existential scheme of things, man is destined to fall or fail, and to get up to succeed again if he is not discouraged or given up!
127 Our thoughts and prayers go to Senator John McCain
In the literary world, I am actually dwarfed in words to write on Senator John McCain, but my love for this indefatigable strongman will encourage me to try my best at paying a glowing tribute to his impeccable personality.
128 A Tribute to Prof. Akinwunmi Ishola (Poem)
The ebullient professor; touched many impeccable lives.; Omo Akin dotted his story ; with Yoruba axioms, emulation ; and elitism.
129 David Mark: Failure on arrival!
Mark it! ; "Mr. Telephone ; is not for the poor."; Failure on arrival!; The Quirky Sound of Time!; It is anything goes; in an insane clime. ; This time, it's a cautious ; optimism.
130 Tomi Adeyemi: An illumination to Nigeria's darkness
I have come to conclusion that, no religion has the monopoly of violence. It is the modernisation of beliefs that has sustained the world from disintegration.

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