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111 The inner darkness of human nature, and man's beautiful place in history! (How Millennials Are Reinventing The American Dream)
The American millennials are reshaping and reconstructing the ugly nuances of bias, institutional and institutionalized racism against black Americans.
112 General Brown: The beginning of the end of racism in America
General Brown Jr. is the United States Air Force General. He was appointed by Donald Trump to the Chief of Staff of the U.S Air Force on 9th June 2020. The Air Force General confirmed as the first black chief of a U.S. military service.
113 When a daughter's Letter brought more tears to your teary eyes! ("I Canít Breathe")
...on March 16, 2020, our 13-year old daughter won a monetary prize from her formidable school district (Littleton Elementary School District) for a field trip to Washington DC. ... When she came back from school to tell me she won the prize, I knew she...
114 How to dismantle institutionalized racism in America
Feed your enemy when he is hungry; give him water to drink when he is thirsty. You shall reap gold on his head. I am attempting to paraphrase this vintage Bible verse.
115 I want to be a flower (Poem)
Flowers embellish their host (tree and land); They give hope and love to hopelessness. Flowers depict peace; amity and A tranquilizer to troubled minds.
116 The mind of haters!
Haters are a product of their existential and dreadful lives. We live in a borrowed world, and we shall leave it with a continuum sigh of history.
117 These demised hapless human beings could be anyone!
Ruefully, I can't breathe could happen to you. I can't breathe can happen to me; and I can't breathe could happen to anyone. Racism is now as lethal and deadly as COVID-19.
118 To my friend Omoyele Sowore!
Some of the awakened youths are social media ants festering the psyches of the reasonable ones amongst them on social media. Nigerian youths have misplaced priority and misappropriation of opportunity to 'take back' their future....
119 Why Joe Biden mustn't choose a black woman as his vice presidential nominee!
The weapon of division-race card should be the yardstick for which Joe Biden's choice is made to reassure the majority of the White people who are as intelligent as their Black or Latino's intelligent counterparts.
120 The urgency to re-organize the Nigerian Police Force with robust remuneration
The Nigeria Police Force - NPF under the present administration of Buhari should be renamed as the Nigeria Police Department - NPD. ... The truism of the name has always been evident in the Police 'Force' and its exigency of policing Nigerians.

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