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11 Poverty and nothingness compared!
The shreds of modernity,; Tend to the squalor of the wretched!"; Two groups in whirlpool world!; One dwells in the sanctuary; Of squalor, the other squats; In the harbor of naughtiness!; The two groups dwell in Nothingness!
12 A public and international humiliation of DSP-Ike Ekeweremadu!
For or against, the humiliation of the ex-number four in Germany is ominous signal of what to come to our corrupt (kpurut) elected politicians in the nearest future.
13 Sowore as a political metaphor
It will be disingenuous to claim that pleading for a leniency for Omoyele Sowore; and clamor for his release is to romanticizing Omoyele Sowore's misdemeanor.
14 Sowore must be arraigned or released immediately!
I want to enjoin those who have been calling Sowore ugly names to realize that, the recalcitrant and undeterred social activist Sowore is fighting for the restoration of the good life of Nigeria.
15 Tribute to Toni Morrison 1931 -- 2019
With Toni Morrison as an icon of inspiration, a cerebral image, and quintessence for America and the world, humanity in us must be reordered for reawakening, and for collective hope and optimism of mankind.
16 The triad of Sowore's uncautious approach to "Revolution and a day of rage" in Nigeria
The triad (Sowore, the people, and government) of Sowore's revolution anchors on the not-too-smart and stubbornness approach of Sowore; the hopelessness and ignorance of the people, and shoddiness of the Federal government of Nigeria.
17 Hardliners' socialist campaigns in the Democratic Party will be a beautiful gift to Donald Trump in 2020!
The Democratic Party's debate on Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 were very reassuring and inspirational but they were too me-me in dispositions to win in substance!
18 The Guardian newspapers: Conscience, nurtured by truth!
The editorial of The Guardian Newspapers of July 25, 2019 titled: 'Buhari and his unpopular policies.' is being recommended for my readers...! Your comments are being read by the presidency!
19 Seyi Makinde: When impairment is impairment!
As we collectively navigate the murky water of politics in Nigeria, may we collectively have the willingness to reorder our sense of reality and decorum.
20 A muse is internationally recognized from Fulani-Nigeria enclave!
When the conscientized, savvy and prolific writer Ms Nnedinso Ogaziechi first wrote and celebrated Imam Abdullahi Abubakar last year August 8, 2018, after the menace of herdsmen killings in Nigeria, I knew Ms Nnedinso Ogaziechi was opening up national and...

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