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101 Nigerian women, time has come!!!
C- ome home to roost your clime; O- n the match again, invoke amazon; M- mumble moremi's spirit; E- ntangle to emancipate Nigeria!!!
102 Ambode: Why we shouldn't dismantle the ladder of success!
I strongly sympathize with Ambode for self-destructing. He plays politics of vengeance and ingratitude, but karma is a equal distributor of rewards.
103 They are coming back? Never again!
Rueben Abati’s preachments in the media these days nauseate social norms and values. Femi Fani-Kayode’s seeming diarrhea of the mouth fouls our collective sense of history, decorum and decency.
104 Please, stop the suicide thoughts and attempts!
In spite of our fame, success, knowledge, confidence, achievement etc., there is a tiny bit of void in our hearts or minds.
105 When Nigerian youth's tomorrow becomes yesterday
When past leaders, in the absence of mindfulness deliberately, expunged history from their children's generation and their school curriculum, the denied and denial generation will be doomed to repeat the terrible mistakes of leadership ....
106 What is wrong with the mind of man?
It is preposterous for our people to traffic in negative news about Nigeria when we have so much negative nuances to contend with in our dysfunctional society-Nigeria.
107 Igbo Presidency must not be a mirage!
The manner with which some Igbo youths romanticize with their bracing enemies is preposterous! If our talented Ndigbo had formed a common bond and regional front to engender a universal and people-oriented message, the region would have been the hub of...
108 Fayemi and the agents of division
Governor Fayemi should be careful with the Brutus and Cassius in Ekiti. The bigots exist not to build the capacity of the people for growth and development, but to destroy the aspiration and expectations of the people
109 A Poem for Nigeria At 58
You were rescued; By the voice of reason.; Plebeians' decision is palliative.; Now, the Plebeians are rattled; By the slow pace of dividends.
110 Why the Igbos are marginalized in the geopolitics of governance in Nigeria
This is the time to strategize and clamor for the emergence of an Igbo president of Nigeria in 2023 after the second term of President Muhammadu Buhari.

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