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101 What a painful loss! Tolulope Arotile (1995-2020)
Tolulope came in a jiffy, she saw a bleeding nation, and she conquered the conscience of a beleaguered country struggling for needless survival in the midst of plenty!
102 Wole Soyinka: Our intellectual giant at 86!
A giant in the forest; Of a thousand midget eggheads.; Harrumphed professor; With a great voice and erudition.; A literary pundit mesmerizing; The mind of insatiable zealots.
103 Sarcastically, Trump as a blessing in disguise for America
I see the difficult moment as temporal.; I pause and discern the hateful moment,; I see the imminent bond of mutual love.; I literally look through the eyes of Millennials.; I see young bubbling Americans evolving.
104 The choice of Tammy Duckworth as a vice presidential candidate to Joe Biden
Tammy Duckworth is a colorless and racially-bridge-builder, and a candidate who is expeditiously qualified to be the President of the United States of America, anytime, and any day.
105 Mark Zuckerberg, there's more in less!
Any attempt to lose one customer is an attempt to lose more and more. Without the people, and people's power, there wouldn't be Facebook or any thriving organization.
106 Your Inner Critic; Your Pathological Enemy! (Boost your self-esteem!)
Everyone has a critical inner voice.; The critic makes you feel guilty; Of your mistakes and failures.; And suppresses the positive vibes in you.; Low Self-Esteem person has a vicious; And vocal sustained critic.
107 The complex structure of Yoruba in Nigeria's geopolitical problems!
But the pertinent question is: who will do the restructuring? ... Yoruba regional escapism lies in our stereotyped exposition and alter ego's superiority complex (the most educated region in Nigeria's geopolitical structures).
108 COVID-19: An Open Letter to religious brethren in Nigeria
It's not to influence your relationship (mode of worship or beliefs) with your God but to admonish you to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and save vulnerable lives in Nigerian society.
109 The futility of wants and desires!
Some men of yesterday basked in the euphoria of yesterday. To their chagrin, yesterday has now expired. ... The bitter and sweet lessons learned from the history of yesteryears' politicians must be armed in our arms and subconscious minds.
110 Ibidunni Ituah-Ighodalo: A short life well spent
During your short lifetime, you served your community with the honesty of purpose and vigor to change the world of the inhabitants. Now the world is celebrating your passage with reflection, amity, and unconditional love.

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