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1 Nigeria World -- All About Nigeria News Headlines Articles and Culture
Daily news updates, viewpoints, feature articles and essays on Nigeria, Africa and the world in general, from a Nigerian perspective.
2 To my friend Omoyele Sowore!
Some of the awakened youths are social media ants festering the psyches of the reasonable ones amongst them on social media. Nigerian youths have misplaced priority and misappropriation of opportunity to 'take back' their future....
3 Why Joe Biden mustn't choose a black woman as his vice presidential nominee!
The weapon of division-race card should be the yardstick for which Joe Biden's choice is made to reassure the majority of the White people who are as intelligent as their Black or Latino's intelligent counterparts.
4 The urgency to re-organize the Nigerian Police Force with robust remuneration
The Nigeria Police Force - NPF under the present administration of Buhari should be renamed as the Nigeria Police Department - NPD. ... The truism of the name has always been evident in the Police 'Force' and its exigency of policing Nigerians.
5 Why are we not "getting it right" in Nigeria?
Nigerians at home and abroad are making a quantum leap into the future. But the impediments of Nigeria are the result of the selfishness of her leaders and the aimlessness of their followers.
6 Ramadan: A month of soul-searching for all Muslims!
Those who kill and maim lives using Islam as an excuse and a shield or a canopy to perpetrate evils are less than 0.01% of 1.6 billion adherents of Islam.
7 Buhari's new Chief of Staff, Professor Gambari: Nigerian youths, where art thou?
Buhari's seeming untrustworthiness for the youth and his dispositions to the Nigerian youths is evident in his various appointments to the nation's affairs in the past four years.
8 BoJo and Brits' state of Quandary!
Boris Johnson's confusing leadership after his near morbid ordeal with the menace of Coronavirus-COVID-19 makes one pensive of some conditionalities he outlined today in his national and international broadcast.
9 Why all the fuse and brouhaha about Oyedepo's religious and political tantrums?
Please, allow the 'man of God' to continue to grieve this period of religious recession and depression in Nigeria-cum-world. Buhari's administration is a replica of coronavirus to all these political pastors in Nigeria. The infestation of cash crunch on...
10 To MOTHER with LOVE is to Conquer Hate with LOVE! Happy Mother's Day!
Happy mother's day to all responsible mothers out there! Responsible mothers are inestimable treasures! Mothers are foundational structures that construct the good or marred image of children.

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