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1 NigeriaWorld -- All About Nigeria
Daily news updates, viewpoints, feature articles and essays on Nigeria, Africa and the world in general, from a Nigerian perspective.
2 The shameful antics and sacrilegious persona of Mr. Tortoise!
Very Disgraceful! Can Mr. Tortoise be audacious enough to bully the Emirs, Shieks, Sultans, or Pope as he did a few days ago to the Yoruba Obas?
3 Using freedom of speech as a weapon of social anomie!
Some aggrieved Obidients' predatorial wishes for the constituted authority in Nigeria are discernable and unfortunate. But Obidients should be careful of what they wish for their country!
4 Yinka TNT: Happy Birthday to a vintage pragmatist and realist
With profound inference, based on my careful listening and watching her shows, Yinka TNT has reconstructed many homes and shaped them for good.
5 Africa is in a quandary! Why poor Africa must stop celebrating its own defeat!
The current waves of insurrections, the absence of polity, and the lack of civil discourse in African governance are sentencing some African regions into the abyss of the past.
6 Ajuri Ngelale is one of the quintessential handlers of PBAT
I have reservations about entrusting the government of Nigeria with all of my strength and moral fiber.
7 Religion: Live and let live
In a nutshell, can you blame honest and misinformed people who see Islam as a violent religion? Personally, no, because each time these criminals murder impudently, they invoke Allah's name.
8 Adieu, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya
When his Kehinde died recently, it was seemingly believed that something had eventually died in Pastor Odukoya.
9 Mr. President, please, do not forcefully cross the River Niger to Niger!
Mr. President, beware of the covert interests of the West and take heed of the domestic and continental instigators.
10 Strategic PBAT and Dr. Tijani's ministerial brouhaha!
Dr. Tijani is a seemingly immature pedestrian, Obidient, and political neophyte.

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