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1 Nigeria World -- All About Nigeria News Headlines Articles and Culture
Daily news updates, viewpoints, feature articles and essays on Nigeria, Africa and the world in general, from a Nigerian perspective.
2 Democratization of ignorance in Nigeria II
When PDP loses election to APC, the Nigerian masses (voters) yare and gall with one another. The small and short-term loser, and the short-term winner, in a jiffy, congratulate each other at the expense of their ignorant supporters.
3 It goes both ways, but both ways matter!
There's no doubt that the implicit biases and stereotypical way of seeing black people are now subject to global uproar and worldwide conversation.
4 Gani Fawehinmi: Our icon of inspiration
Read to ward-off ignorance.; Your mind, your greatest asset!; Don't lose it to midget minds!; A Mind is a terrible thing to waste!
5 Gani Fawehinmi: Our icon of inspiration
Our own Gani's coming to limelight was the celebrated case of a poor man whose wife was snatched by a commissioner who used the instrument of power to oppress and coarse the beautiful woman. Gani read the sad story in a local newspaper in Lagos and put...
6 The complex structure of Yoruba in Nigeria's geopolitical problems! (Yoruba must go back to the basics)
Yoruba regional escapism premises in our stereotyped exposition and the ego of superiority complex (the most educated region in Nigeria's geopolitical structures). In a nutshell, it is nerve-wracking to see that Yoruba leaders have always encouraged the...
7 US 2020 Election: The contrast between darkness and light
...what moral justifications will the GOP Convention and their expected speakers have, to sell a failed president to American voters for another term of a reality show in the Oval Office?
8 Kamala Harris and American exceptionalism!
Every reasonable immigrant and individual in the United States is innately equipped to see and explore American exceptionalism. This writer and countless US immigrants have used the opportunities abound in America for possibilities.
9 I will not borrow a book from your bloodied library
Your library stinks with the sweat of the plebeians.; Every perimeter of your library is literally dotted; With tears, sorrow, and anguish of the people.; Unfortunately, the users of your multi-billion naira aced Library are; deliberately unaware of the...
10 Obama turns 59 with so many albums of inspiration and grace
When we talk of family values; when we talk of husband and leader, or a man that enthuses the moral fibers of humanity, you, President Obama epitomizes all these qualities and more!

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