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21 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - A house divided against itself cannot stand
The resignation of Okwesileze Nwodo as the Chairman of PDP reflects some troubling dimensions of the failure of Ndigbo leadership at many levels. It also raises some fundamental questions about how the Igbo political and religious elites perceive their...
22 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigeria Dancing on the Brink: A Critical Book Review
Ambassador John Campbell has written an important book on Nigeria which demands the attention of every Nigerian and every American interested in Nigerian politics and Nigeria's place in African and global affairs. What I hope to achieve in this review is...
23 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Religion, culture and Nigeria's legislation against same sex marriage
It will be against any grain of common sense and contrary to Christian belief if we condemn people because of who they are; or if we make decisions and legislations about them without understanding what is going on in their lives, their pains, their...
24 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigeria, return to God on your knees
How do we know the mind of God? This is obviously a very difficult quest. One may wonder why we need to know the mind of God. The answer is that our ultimate human fulfilment and salvation depends on knowing the mind of God. When I speak of the mind of...
25 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The Pope's visit to Africa: Matters Arising
Beyond the internal challenges facing African Catholicism is the external challenge which has to do with religious freedom and inter-religious dialogue. Are African Catholics still operating from the worldview of African Traditional Religions or is the...
26 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - When blacks turn against blacks
The condition of South Africa today is clear and simple: This is a nation in dire need of reconciliation and wrenching in the heat of historical injustice. Until this is done, no one is safe in that troubled land, especially Black South Africans and Blacks...
27 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The last dance of Africa's longest political patriarch
The present crisis in Zimbabwe is a well choreographed strategy by Mugabe to create chaos and anarchy in the country in order to prolong the tragedy of his growing misrule. The question is: Does the present condition of Zimbabwe represent the dreams and...
28 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Mugabe: The open sore of the African continent
Many people are calling for a British intervention in Zimbabwe similar to that which toppled Idi Amin of Uganda or Saddam Hussein of Iraq. This is paternalistic and underestimates the resolve of ordinary Zimbabweans to put an end to Mugabe's misrule.
29 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Somalia and the US war on terrorism
There is in Somalia a battle for survival. The fractured components of the state are in dire need of an organizing authority, which has been provided by the Union of Islamic Courts and the tribal war lords. If there is a burgeoning terror network in...
30 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Realizing the emancipatory potential of the Nigerian character
The present government is following in IBB's footsteps. Already there is real and evident uncertainty about the possibility of staging successful elections in the next two months. But these are all situations deliberately created and continued by the...

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