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71 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Why economic reintegration is not possible in the South-West
The concept of regional integration or regionalism was so loosely used as if they are expecting the Western region of Nigeria to have regional economic integration. Again, this falls into the category of misconceptualization. Let it be clear, Regionalism...
72 Chief Olusegun Adebayo Oni - A Testimony -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
The clarion call from the mountains, plains and the valleys of Ekiti State is, we want Segun Oni back as Governor. It has even been reduced to the hatch tag format of #BringSegunOniBack#. That is how strong, effective and vociferous, the desires and wishes...
73 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The falacy of Easter celebrations - Jesus didn't die on Friday (Concluded)
To answer the question, which of the two identified Sabbaths did Jesus died, let's turn to John 19:31: 'Now it was the Preparation Day and the next day was to be a special Sabbath. Because the Jew did not want the bodies left on the cross on the Sabbath,...
74 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Elections' 4/03 in the West: The end of an era
It is sad to recall that many brilliant young men and women have been allowed to waste or die on the Yoruba political field. They never had a chance or opportunity to contest elections because the old Awoist would not allow them to be fielded. It is either...
75 Nigeriaworld Feature Article -- Before the curtain falls (concluded)
All hopes may not be lost if the Arewa will change their born to rule syndrome and see others as equal partners in the destiny of Nigeria. Having ruled Nigeria for about 35 of her 41 years, if they would live and let others rule, the curtain may not fall....
76 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Institution of marriage: A study of the Yoruba nation (Part I)
Among the Yoruba, marriage is between families and not just individual man and woman who met somehow and think that they can live the rest of their lives together. In most cases it is the two parents who do the dating or courtship on behalf of their son...
77 Nigeriaworld Feature Article (Venezuela - A lesson for military adventurists)
Let the military adventurists in Africa and particularly in Nigeria learn lessons from their colleagues in Venezuela. More than forty top military officers there, would loose their jobs now if not their heads for trying to do other peoples' job.
78 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The unpatriotic patriots
I don't want to think about Augustus Aikhomu and Don Etiebet. My concern for sanity lies in Dr. Chuba Okadigbo who has a Ph.D. in Political Science and Chief Chukwuemeka Ojukwu an Oxford University graduate who allow themselves to be led by the nose by...
79 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - When a governor becomes an embarrassment to his State
Peter Ayodele Fayose has become embarrassment not only his party members; he has abused and insulted every institution we hold dear to our hearts as Ekiti people. Our traditional, educational, political, social, and economic institutions have been raped,...
80 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Fighting for the soul of Ekiti
Many people in Ado Ekiti have criticized not only the making of the ACís candidate but have also voiced their concern on why the AC will have to go and bring someone who claims to have visited Ekiti last in 1974 as the deputy governorship candidate.

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