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41 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Hurricane Katrina: Where is God in all these……? Part I
In all situations that are above human expectations and understanding, most people hand it over to a power that is above man's knowledge and comprehension. We suddenly become fatalists. Everything good or evil suddenly becomes the will of God. We often...
42 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Who killed Dr. Ayodele Daramola in Ekiti?
I challenge you [Governor Ayodele Fayose] to respond to this article and answer all the questions raised. I know that you will read it or your friends will read and tell you like the previous ones. ... Only bloody hands can take blood money, so, keep your...
43 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Christendom: A Church built on solid rock (Part One)
It has survived all its persecutors till today because it is the only harbinger of good news. The secret of its survival is that the Church of Jesus Christ has its origin in God's love, goodness and mercy, not shared by other religions.
44 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Christendom: A Church built on solid rock (concluded)
The Oyeyemis of this world need a lot of prayers but how will the prayers be answered when they don’t know and recognize the God that answers prayers.
45 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Should women be ordained pastors and priests in the Church - Matters Arising
It doesn't really matter if you can preach and teach the Bible, if God didn't ask you to, you're wasting your time and not doing God's work.
46 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Should women be ordained as Priests or Pastors?
Besides dividing churches and parishes, this issue has divided or destroyed some homes. There have been instances where some women self-ordained pastors have insisted on becoming the Senior Pastors of churches even over and above their husbands who are...
47 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Christendom: A Church built on solid rock (Part Two)
Without any iota of doubt in my mind, if most of us were to remove from our lives every influence of God, the Jews, Jesus and Christianity we would become miserable beggars by the roadside, if we will ever live.
48 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Calling Pastor Adejare Adeboye
My friend in another reflection told me of the amount of greed and avarice of his pastor. He has become kleptomaniac to the extent that he uses his birthday each year as special occasion for big personal fundraising. He does not even hide this as he openly...
49 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Biafra Vs. Nigeria: An unfinished matter
Has the Nigerian government and its agents just woken to realize that “some people are committed to dismembering the country through violent or non-violent means”? ...then it should be a case of first come first served. ...Governor Ahmed Sani of Zamfara...
50 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Gay Bishop - Why do the nations rage?
The original intention of Christianity, which is the salvation of the soul, has become inconsequential theologically, and thus the Bible has become irrelevant to the redemption work and morality. Preachers and Pastors are now more concerned with searching...

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