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31 Election 2018: Ekiti needs a Change Agent -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
The next election in Ekiti State, will be the most important election in the state since creation. Very likely, the election of the next governor of the state will transcend party politics. The major qualifications of the governor will not be solely party...
32 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Should women be ordained pastors and priests in the Church - Matters Arising (Concluded)
This has always been a very complex issue when a supposedly responsible, respected woman would say that God called her to be a pastor and then gives herself the title of Pastor…... My question is this: Whose word should we believe, the Word of God or the...
33 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Rumbles from Jerusalem
Am I supporting the Islamic suicide bombers? No! Not in the least. To hell with them! Anyway, hell is what is reserved for them by God. This writer had suffered emotionally in the hands of the suicide bombers, as I narrowly escaped been a victim in the...
34 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - When a governor becomes an embarrassment to his State (Concluded)
With the billions of Federal money that have come to Ekiti state between 2003 and today, the hopelessness, poverty, suffering and agony that are visible on the faces of our people should not be there ...if 'Biological' agents and 'Avian flu' of corruption,...
35 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Political will as a tool for fighting corruption in Nigeria
I am glad that the new President is fully aware that the greatest problem that has been militating against socio-economic and political developments, and therefore, Good Governance in Nigeria is CORRUPTION. This hydra headed canker-warm has killed...
36 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Prodigals in power
Like the biblical prodigal son, the Ekiti prodigals at all levels of government led by Fayose and his deputy have sinned against God and Ekiti people and they are therefore not worthy of holding any positions of power, authority, influence, privilege and...
37 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Mrs. Stella Obasanjo should not have died
President Olusegun Obasanjo should not allow his wife to die in vain. The greatest memorial Obasanjo and his friends in the National Assemblies should give to his late wife today is to propose a Bill to the National Assemblies banning routine medical check...
38 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Mr. President, don't set Ekiti State on fire
Mr. President, can you tell me and other Ekiti people, whose interest you are protecting by your ingenious proposal that you want Mrs. Biodun Olujimi, who is facing impeachment charges for misconduct in the state, to be the first woman governor in Nigeria?
39 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Hurricane Katrina: Where is God in all these……? Part II
Unlike tropical storms or hurricanes, the storms of life may not be visible or known to others especially to outsiders, depending on the type, severity or category. It is almost impossible to predict. This is why the Yoruba says, it is he who knows it that...
40 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - If I were the preacher at Daramola's funeral
Today, we are all gathered because to us Dr. Ayodeji Daramola is dead. Is that true? But Jesus said he shall live. Do you believe, Jesus asked; two thousand years ago. I am asking today. Ayodeji is living today because he died as a believer in Jesus...

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