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121 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (A tale of two countries)
Let those who said they are ready to die for one Nigeria go and mark and dig their graves, if they like, they can afford to have their funerals, as Nigeria will surely albeit slowly be a Tale of Two or many Countries.
122 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - In this era of grace can Christians rob God of Tithes? Biblical Fact Checking
Over the past decade writers have published articles in favour or against the payment of tithes. This evoked further debate and strong reaction from readers who assessed the conduct of church leaders regarding their influence in inducing members to pay Old...
123 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - AC bungled opportunity in Ekiti State
Please find below the authentic result as tabulated by our field officers and my personal comments and reaction to the kangaroo "selection' disguised as election by the AC in Ekiti. I have posted this for the benefit of those interested in the pursuit of...
124 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Talking faith: Reconnecting with the Church in Antiquity (II)
Rather than donating money to needy ministries and charity, some are changing their gender to reflect the opposite gender and are transgender. Others in Western societies are altering their looks with plastic surgery and breast enhancement to look...
125 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Tithe Sef: Corrupting entities within the church! (Part II)
Much as everyone would agree that pastors, reverends, preachers or who knows what some of them are called; overseers, papa, evangelist, daddy etc deserve compensatory remuneration that would not render them financially impotent, it does not give them the...
126 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Re: Rejoinder on Dr. Bayo comments on Tithing
The issue here is that, people have no basis for paying tithe at all until they have become lovers of God, i.e. Born Again. He says do not go paying tithe without securing your salvation first. He certainly does not say don't pay tithe.
127 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - About Tithes and Prayer for Nigeria (Part 1)
Bayo is actually correct that the New Testament teaches on giving and that cheerfully. However, he darkened counsel by words without knowledge (Job 38:2), by not understanding the central theme and objective of God's perspective on life concerning every...
128 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Pastor Bimbo Odukoya: Good bye and thank you
Looking back at those meetings, I fondly remember your two ''favourite'' phrases which I hope to never forget. You often say ''listen to me'' and "praise the Lord" during your messages to either attract your listener's attention or make emphasis. By the...
129 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Christians: Tithing or giving? Rejoinder to Femi Awodele
In the USA a nice and humble Pastor preached a long sermon on how Christians are literally robbing God, summer of 2004. And he backed that with testimonies of how he has been paying tithe for the past twenty five years. He even urged members to borrow...
130 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Tithe Sef: Corrupting entities within the church! (Part I)
The challenge the Church in antiquity faced started from the existence of Judaism a form of practice based entirely on Old Testament theology of laws. However, the rise of a dominant and competing theology of love and grace did not resonate well with...

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