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111 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Iraq: Winning the battle may not be winning the war
If bin Laden could escape from Afghanistan, anybody can be sure that Saddam may escape from Baghdad before the first bomb is dropped. Then after the battle is lost and won, America would have only succeeded in making Saddam the second commander-in-chief of...
112 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Is Obasanjo becoming a Village Tyrant?
...when did Obasanjo become a police investigator? Even if he has suddenly become one emotionally, and if for any reason Akande and Omisore have become suspects in the murder of Ige, I think there is a more ethical, legal and constitutional way of handing...
113 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Praying for Nigeria - For what?
For God's sake, why should the PFN leaders pick ''Thy Kingdom Come'' as a prayer point for Nigeria and Nigerians now when there are myriads of national problems facing the nation? Should that be the prayer of the PFN now when Nigeria is currently...
114 Nigeriaworld Feature Article (The fallacy of Reuben Abati: Igbo and secession)
Rueben's report on the January 15, 1966 attempted coup contained so much inaccuracies that brings to question his knowledge of the events and his research ability as a journalist.
115 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The fallacies of Christmas
Using the teaching of Jesus Christ, the Master and Teacher Himself, we need to seek, in other to find out the authenticity of Christmas and the origin of December 25 being a Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. This is more so now when...
116 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (Arewa can go to hell! A rejoinder)
LETTERS & VIEWPOINTS Click Here Saturday, June 15, 2002 Olatunde Opaleye New York, USA Arewa can go to hell! A rejoinder Samuel Bayo Arowolaju, y name is Olatunde Opaleye attorney at law in the state of New York and a concerned...
117 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (The 'Talibans' of Northern Nigeria)
Can anyone really show me one thing that actually unites Nigeria as one? No not language, not culture, not religion, not tradition, not education, not politics, not history or ancestral origin, not geography, not land or resources. Not even sports....It is...
118 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (Come let us all reason together)
The pity of our case is that there are some Igbo and Yoruba who are still living in the in the time of Awolowo and Azikiwe. Whatever crises of confidence their relationships caused between Igbo and Yoruba, they can no longer be part of the solution as they...
119 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (Sovereign National Conference: Poverty of ideas)
Will Nigeria break? My answer is YES! If the enemies of Nigeria continue to block their ears to the vociferous voices of reason now shouting and calling for a Sovereign National Conference. The break up is as sure as the morning follows the night.
120 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (When did Oshiomhole become Abubakar Abudulsalami's new lawyer?)
On whose side is Oshiomhole? One would have ignored Oshiomhole if he had spoken for himself, without trying to bring the name of the NLC and the Nigerian workers into disrepute by claiming to speak for them.

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