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91 The expectations of citizens from the government (Part 5)
Legislators from the states should have no problem to work in collaboration among themselves, using their Constituency allowances to lift up their constituencies rather than each of them acting as philanthropist as if it is their private money, yet it is...
92 The Challenges & the Blessings of Womanhood
The demands of womanhood is enormous such that I often say that if after I get to heaven and God wants me to return to the earth, He must let me come back as a man otherwise He should allow me to continue to enjoy my time with Him.
93 Five years after: The most painful & difficult tasks I ever performed -- Reflections!
Came December 31 2013 when she gave the first complaint. Not one of us thought it was the beginning of the end. It was just a pain on the upper right flank of her back. 'Don't worry, I have asked Dr. Sola Babalola to bring me some voltaren (retard) tablets...
94 The expectations of citizens from the government (Part 4)
The ones I pity most are the young graduates, even with Master's degree, who have no option of job opportunities other than teaching employments in private schools. And by the time they pay for transportation, one will weep for them for what is left over....
95 The expectations of citizens from the government (Part 3)
True Priests know that they do not need to visit the government house before they pray for her (the government). True Priests recognize their responsibility to pray for kings and those in authority so that they can govern in righteousness, which will...
96 Blood in relation to forgiveness of Sin
Because of this singular act of Abram's complete obedience and trust in God, not holding back his son but was ready to sacrifice him, God blessed Abram and thereby based salvation of mankind on the type of faith of Abraham. So salvation would be by...
97 The expectations of citizens from the government (2)
In order for us to be translated from poverty to wealth very fast, our solution is to take seriously, the three passages of the Bible, which I explained at the first of this broadcast as the three tenets of my campaign. They are found in the books of...
98 The expectations of citizens from the government (1)
People are hard up financially. Infrastructures that can promote their businesses are broken down. Repairs are neglected, actually abandoned, while the leaders of the previous profligate governments and their sycophants live in affluence and luxury.
99 The danger of pride & contempt for God and man
One thing however is common with the three Herods; they were all murderers. Each of them murdered dissent voices. But the youngest Herod added 'pride' to his curriculum vitae (Resume) and he was judged at the fullest of time. God killed him mysteriously in...
100 The Composer of "Jesu yi o, Iwo L'oologo Pipe, Iwo L'oogun Didan---" has gone Home
Do you know the composer of and have you ever watched on the TV screen, the flamboyant '3000' (figure mine) or more choir of the Redeemed Christian Church (RCCG)....

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