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71 Hon. Justice Thomas Shaibu Yakubu. J C A (06 24 1953 -- 12 24 2019)
From Mechanic workshop to the Bench of the Federal Court of Appeal. Quiet Exit on his knees praying. Good night.
72 Bible Verses relevant to Nigeria Situation & Prayer for the Nation
Descendants of Lucifer these days use Churches to perpetrate their evil plans. They are quite aware that people run to the Church for solutions to their problems, thereby able to dupe and mess up, the na´ve and ignorant people.
73 Jesus welcomes sinners
Jesus heard their criticism and replied 'Sick people need the doctor, not healthy ones! I haven't come to tell good people to repent, but the bad ones.'
74 Jesus, the hope of mankind; I proudly celebrate Christmas
Some Christians say they do not celebrate Christmas, I do not care the academic status or Christian height or the acceptability in the society of such people. I do not care about the origin or the semantics or argument anyone has about the word...
75 Jesus and Religion; The difference
Religion also includes what to wear and what not to wear; what and what not to eat. It also includes what obligations to make at any particular time of the day, week, month and year. The Holy Spirit in one self has no role or guide in religion. It is...
76 Question about Tithing; Summary (tract)
So a giver of ten percent gets in return, a reward, proportionate of a tenth and a giver of nine-tenth, receives in return a reward proportionate of nine-tenth. But the reward being talked about does not necessarily have to be received here on earth but...
77 The Spiritual Man and the Carnal Man; Recognizing the Christian and the mere Religious Person
The carnal man is uncomfortable, unhappy and envious when another person exhibits sterling qualities higher than his. Rather than commend him, he looks for faults in order to discredit him.
78 How you can be made Holy (Righteous) to enter Heaven (Revised)
The judgement is instant after death. As the body is given up to the mother earth, which he is made of; the spirit, will either go to the place of God called Paradise, a place of rest and joy or go to the dwelling place of Satan called Hades, which is a...
79 The expectations of citizens from the government (8)
Not only trained teachers can be sent to schools, all graduates of tertiary institutions who are unemployed can equally be posted to Ministries relevant to their studies. The idea behind all these proposals is just to make sure that the wealth of the...
80 The expectations of citizens from the government (7)
Having traveled widely, I will give examples of how the responsible governments of the world create job for their citizens, which enables everyone to share in the state's wealth rather than sharing the public money among their friends and party loyalists.

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