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21 A preferred way to street protests; the only way to citizens well-being as outlined by God
Rather than street protests, we will organize Town Hall meetings and Solemn Assemblies, involving citizens of all religions in cities, towns and villages, where the benefits of Godly living will be explained and encouraged.
22 Prayer for Nigeria at 60 (Part 2)
The institution commissioned to be prosecuting theft itself is meanwhile under probe. How do we explain this? I just pray that when the result of the probe is announced, it is not going to be like the proverbial saying "The Hawk steals it and the Eagle...
23 Prayer for Nigeria at 60 (Part 1)
It is very shameful that the countries of the world who saw us as leaders 60 years ago have caught up with us and surpassed us by far. Yet, those who are responsible for our downfall show no sign of repentance, they are even going deeper in actions that...
24 Two things, which Baba, President Buhari is capable of doing
I am not unaware that some of the religious houses frighten the worshippers with the Scripture or use sweet words to cajole them so as to give generously but so long as the Pastors and Imams do not rob anyone, but the worshippers give the money out of...
25 In defense of President Buhari in regards to looting of public fund
While other ex-Nigerian Presidents and Heads of State are getting N23million monthly, Buhari gets only N2.3million. Buhari wrote a letter to the Minister of Finance and said he should only be paid 10% of the N23m they give all past leaders as monthly...
26 The blood of Nigerians crying for vengeance
Text of my radio broadcast on certain radio stations.
27 The Godly Father
Fathers mostly rule the world. It is only in few countries that we have women as Head of State. So except the fathers are upright, we shall continue to have nations filled with hunger, injustice, corruption, oppression and cheats and nations fighting...
28 Utility Service Billing in the United States compared with Nigeria
The defunct Nigeria Electricity Power Authority (NEPA) had one time in the past duped me. No one occupied the family home in the country side for over a year and the power was switched off from the mains, yet NEPA made us to pay unreasonable exorbitant sum...
29 Righteousness of God
Many of us believe that no one is holy but there is a level of badness, which man must exceed before he is thrown to hell. Many believe God will consider some of our good works and our religious services and save us from Hell. This makes our forefathers to...
30 You can be made Holy (Righteous)
The good heaven is where God lives and it is a place of rest where there is no more sickness, no more death, no more hunger, no one cheats the other person. It is all joy, no sadness. Only the souls of the holy people will be admitted to the good heaven.

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