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21 True and Fake Prophets
Quite a number of Nigerian Pastors predicted the outcome of the 2023 Presidential elections, which eventually did not come to pass.
22 God's plans for the welfare of man (Part 1)
Nigerians who are 50 years of age will testify to it that this also was our way of life in the past. We live a communal life. No house was fenced.
23 God's plans for the welfare of man (Part 1)
But we must be educated about those plans, particularly our political leaders, in order that they can utilize them so that we can have a peaceful environment to live in.
24 Prayer for Nigeria as 2023 election draws near
Who governs us determines how pleasant and how unpleasant our life will be in the four years to come.
25 Praying wrongly, without understanding (Part 2) (Rev)
The British colonial masters certainly were kind people, it was not as bad as this when we were under them. We fared a million better.
26 Praying wrongly, without understanding (Part 1) (Rev)
James, the first pastor of the Church in Jerusalem explained why a number of times, our prayers are not answered.
27 Soliloquizing on National issues
Fifty years ago, the slogan was that a Nigerian University graduate is an averagely rich person. Today, millions, graduate and return to their parents to be fed.
28 Prayer for faithful laborers in God's vine yard
Were Christ to be physically present in Nigeria today, He certainly will indict us Nigerian Pastors and Imams for folding our arms, seeing the suffering of the people.
29 A nation not short in prayers yet with no significant improvement in living condition of the common people (Part 2)
The spending of days and nights in Churches and Mosques and mountains started when life became difficult for the majority of the citizens.
30 In Memory of Dr. Chike Akunyili - Tribute a year after
This man could not hurt a fly, so why would he be assassinated? I asked myself. Could he have interfered with the local politics of his place of birth?

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