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171 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The mystery in fasting ----(17)---- Definition & classification of fasting (11)
Since man has always been faced with one calamity after the other, since creation, we may even presume that our fore parents must have gone without food for sometimes after they sinned in the garden, when they lost face with God and lost their realm....
172 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The mystery in fasting ----(18)---- Other words used to describe Fasting
Fasting has been described at sometimes as to 'afflict' or 'humble' or 'chasten' or 'set oneself to seek the Lord' or 'set one's face unto the Lord God' or 'to seek by prayer and supplications' etc.
173 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The role of spiritual leaders in nation building (1)
Text of broadcast on certain Radio Stations in Nigeria.
174 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - India declaration
The President was reported by the Nigeria Punch edition of Friday October 30 to have admitted that powerful Nigerians are frustrating his anti-graft war.
175 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - A ray of hope for Nigeria -- It is lit in Edo State
Praying people have been asking if God is listening to the cry of the suffering people of Nigeria as to when their ordeal in the hands of mindless leaders will come to an end. Is Adams Oshiomhole the answer? I want to believe so. ... Oshiomhole has allowed...
176 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - I am a Pastor; I will not accept government sponsorship to Jerusalem (Another Open Letter to Senate President and Mr. Speaker)
Supposing the roads of Jerusalem and Saudi Arabia are like Lagos-Ibadan express death trap, will citizens of any countries of the world want to take such a risk in the name of performing pilgrimages? I can guarantee that none will, except Nigerians and...
177 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Avoidable suffering in the hands of certain self styled Deliverance Ministers---Part 4
Today, Pentecostal Pastors measure themselves with what much of the operations of the devil they know and intentionally and unintentionally have used those information to cast fears and confusions in not a few Christians. Very many trivial and petty...
178 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Black man in White House!! Race/skin colour preference jettisoned
The big deal that accompanies the story of a black man in the White House, to lead the most powerful country of the world can only be understood and appreciated by the blacks who live outside the borders of the African continent and those who had...
179 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Avoidable suffering in the hands of certain self styled Deliverance Ministers---Part 3
There is the vogue today, among many Pentecostal Ministers; once a Christian has a problem that persists, there is no hesitation to put the blame on ''the covenants of his ancestors with the devil, which is prevailing over him''. To me this utterance or...
180 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Error on the pulpit. Jesus, Money-doublers? (2) Giving in the New Testament
I heard someone say ''Church and mission work will suffer should we leave people to give only what it please them without frightening them with a Scriptural curse if they do not give a certain percentage of their earnings or if we do not trick them with...

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