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1 NigeriaWorld -- All About Nigeria
Daily news updates, viewpoints, feature articles and essays on Nigeria, Africa and the world in general, from a Nigerian perspective.
2 The need to pray for our leaders
Why is it good and acceptable to God to pray for all that are in authority?
3 Example of Nineveh (rev)
Nineveh was an old historical big city. History has it that Nineveh was the most populous city of the then world. It was the capital of the ancient country called Assyria now known as Iran.
4 How the sin of one man Causes Catastrophe to an Entire Nation
A Yoruba adage translates that when a relation is eating an infected insect and his relations look elsewhere, without calling him to order, none of them will sleep in the night....
5 Revenge
Moses approved taking revenge. It is written in Lev. 24.
6 The Meek
The meek hardly notices that he has even been hurt .... The meek bothers not whether the offender offers apology or not.
7 Example of Father Abraham (Father's Day Broadcast)
The purpose of the Father's Day celebration among other things is to appreciate the dedication of the fathers to their family, the nation....
8 The Poor in the Spirit
He knew something was still missing in him. He heard of Jesus and He visited Him in the night.
9 Prophet Elisha, the spirit of Gehazi and Today's Ministers of God
The retirement package of Salary Pastors is patterned a bit similar to that of the political office holders, who we criticize. A mansion is built for them in the city of their choice at retirement. They, their wives and children are chauffer driven.
10 The resurrection of the Saints (1) Revised
When we say someone is dead, we are referring to someone who stopped breathing and we can no longer relate with in the physical. The question is 'Is that the end of him or her?'

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