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1 Nigeria World -- All About Nigeria News Headlines Articles and Culture
Daily news updates, viewpoints, feature articles and essays on Nigeria, Africa and the world in general, from a Nigerian perspective.
2 Certain Foretastes & Shadows that Revealed how God was to perfect the Salvation of Man with the Blood of Jesus
The moment our fore parents fell out with Him and became doomed for hell, God wasted no time to reveal His plans to restore man to Himself in order to live with Him after we die rather than go to hell.
3 A word and Prayer about Coronavirus
He once destroyed the entire world, killing every human, animals and plants except the family of Noah (Gen.6). He can do it again when we do not cease to flout His laws. It is we who have to repent.
4 Prayer against the oppressors of the masses of Nigeria
The list of institutions; governmental and nongovernmental, which oppress the common people in this country is endless, particularly, those agencies or corporations, which provide us with one service or the other. Rather than serve us, they rob and rip us...
5 A nation not short in prayers yet with no significant improvement in living condition of the common people
The spending of days and nights in Churches, Mosques and mountains was absent in the days when every University undergraduate ate three course meals a day, had their clothes laundered by the University and got 2 or more jobs before they even finished...
6 Pa Elder Joshua Ogunlowo; Example of Godly Living (1939 -- December 29 2019) Good night
Pa Joshua Ogunlowo in his coveted high position in life, affirms my believe that a person can attain a high office, yet, with the enabling grace of God live clean, without corruptly enriching himself.
7 Hon. Justice Thomas Shaibu Yakubu. J C A (06 24 1953 -- 12 24 2019)
From Mechanic workshop to the Bench of the Federal Court of Appeal. Quiet Exit on his knees praying. Good night.
8 Bible Verses relevant to Nigeria Situation & Prayer for the Nation
Descendants of Lucifer these days use Churches to perpetrate their evil plans. They are quite aware that people run to the Church for solutions to their problems, thereby able to dupe and mess up, the na´ve and ignorant people.
9 Jesus welcomes sinners
Jesus heard their criticism and replied 'Sick people need the doctor, not healthy ones! I haven't come to tell good people to repent, but the bad ones.'
10 Jesus, the hope of mankind; I proudly celebrate Christmas
Some Christians say they do not celebrate Christmas, I do not care the academic status or Christian height or the acceptability in the society of such people. I do not care about the origin or the semantics or argument anyone has about the word...

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