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31 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - An Open Letter to the Governor of Rivers State
There is no doubt that among the governors of the oil producing states, you have been the most outspoken and ardent supporter of the political and economic rights of the peoples of the oil producing region. Your pronouncements and write ups have...
32 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The impact of Nigeria's multiple personality on the Niger Delta crisis
It is not far-fetched to say that Nigeria has at least seven personalities as far as dealing with the Niger Delta situation. One personality is duly committed to finding a long-lasting peaceful solution. A second personality wants a total war so that it...
33 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigeria's Nuclear Energy Program: Is the country ready?
Is somebody trying to create a means whereby mass suicide could be actualized or create a financial path-way to facilitate the massive funneling of public funds into private pockets? It is necessary to ask since the thought of instituting a nuclear energy...
34 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The Port Harcourt crisis: A product of an imposed political fraud by the PDP
One major reason why the storm troopers or cults or area boys or the bad boys are not treated well after elected officials get into office or an oil bunkerer makes a big deal is due to the fact that many of the boys come from low socioeconomic backgrounds....
35 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The causes of anger and rebellion in the Niger Delta
Niger Deltans further point out that other mineral resources (bauxite, chromium, tin, gold, coal, etc.) in the country are not controlled to the extent in which oil is nationalized. This means that while the ethnic groups in the Niger Delta, including the...
36 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - RE: What is the purpose of human life?
The solution is simple and would bring the long sought elusive relief to the populace while also saving our dear nation billions of dollars in foreign exchange expended on unnecessary importation of petroleum products.
37 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Strategic actions for the development and enhancement of Nigeria: An advice to the President
Develop an effective mechanism to eradicate corruption. It is impossible for Nigeria to develop politically and economically when those in positions of power are given a free hand to loot public money without any consequence. The following actions might...
38 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Oil block distribution in Nigeria: Perquisites for the selected few and the implications
One of the major reasons why Nigerian leaders have not been able to effectively utilize the oil wealth for the development of the country is due to the manner in which they distribute oil blocks (shares) to highly connected individuals in the country.
39 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Oil block for the Federated Niger Delta Ijaw communities: The Implications for the Niger Delta
Why does the Federal Government think that giving an oil block to one Ijaw group will bring peace to the region when there are nine states and numerous ethnic groups in the oil-producing region demanding a change in resource control? It is indeed...
40 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The effects of corruption on commercial aviation and land transportation in Nigeria
Of course, it is evident that prayer alone will not stop planes from crashing until the country takes the bull by the horn and try to fix the problems. Nigeria suffers greatly from lack of infrastrucutural investment in both air and land transportation as...

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