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1 Self-love is not selfishness (Poem)
Have confidence in yourself; And increase your self-esteem; You cannot change others to like you; You can change attitude to what happens; Self-love is a daily journey to self.
2 Go closer to God (Poem)
Grow to see God as a friend; He can teach you amazing things; Walk towards Him for more enlightenment; Grow to know Him more intimately.
3 Beauty beyond love (Poem)
Love may come and go; But that does not change; Your beauty; In any single phase.
4 The Silent Listener (Poem)
I may think I am alone: But the universe is my guide: It hears my every plea: And takes me on a long journey
5 Believe (Poem)
Success and failure do not define; The person that you are inside; So hold your head up high; And never let your spirit die
6 This world of mine (Poem)
I refused to cry; I proved myself alive when the doctor gave a try; Time looked awkward and negative!; When I realised these I became active
7 Redemption (Poem)
It's a second chance, a new beginning; To rise from the ashes and start winning; To be better than we were before; And let our past mistakes be no more
8 Wisdom in words (Poem)
Take time to pray; For it holds great power; The power of faith; Illuminates the darkest night
9 Football, the religion of the stadium (Poem)
Two teams in game they meet; Fighting for the glory they seek; On the field, they show respect; For in this game, friendship is deep.
10 Power without wisdom (Poem)
They speak of unity and harmony; But their actions breed only disharmony; Their greed for power knows no end; And they rule with an iron hand
11 A future without God and money (Poem)
A future of despair and of drifting away; A future without joy and thrills; A future of nothingness, of emptiness; Fears of a dark future
12 The rainbow across the heaven (Poem)
Christ is the light of God's creation; His light is reflected in our lives by day and by night;
13 Time is hard to kill (Poem)
From afar, the air will sound like a jarring bell; that jangles words it can't spell; from the parrot-like mouths of testimonies; to some small show of sentiment.
14 Uproot the seeds of discord (Poem)
Refuse to speak ill of others; Admonish them with respect; Instead of belittling or hurting them; Guide them with the strings of love.
15 Nothing is unusual (Poem)
Jesus asked nothing of the world except love; He made Himself loved. His whole life is love; He sought for the good of those around Him; He spoke with sincerity to His listeners.

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