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1 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Towards an Edo Agenda
You can pursue a searching for an Agenda for our people and at the same being saddled with a searching for a role for a national icon in the person of Chief Anthony Enahoro. I say this because Chief Enahoro means many things to many people in Nigeria for...
2 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Don’t mislead Edo State people
An Open Appeal to Dr, Sam. Ogbemudia, Chief John Oyegun and Sen. RS Owie to disband the group you recently put together as the Bendel Consultative Council (BCC) on the following grounds:
3 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Chief Anthony Enahoro should read Alexander Pope
I strongly believe that someone like Chief Anthony Enahoro with many years of thinking one way that grew out of ''politics of anything goes'' should go through a ''programmed political education'' if they want to be relevant in the politics of the 21st...
4 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The ramparts we should guard and guide
In sum, Prof Omoruyi's defense of General Obasanjo's eight ''ramparts'', as highlighted in the Vanguard article, may be defensible on narrow, technical grounds, but only with two key assumptions which tend to trivialise the whole discussion.
5 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - We need credible candidates to have credible elections
One should recall what the Muslim leaders under the caliphate told MKO Abiola who was denied his mandate to leave the matter to Allah. One would have expected the same Muslim leaders to tell General Buhari, a good Muslim to take his defeat as the work of...
6 Nigeriaworld -- Nigeria: Neither an Islamic nor a Christian Country
Granted that General Olusegun Obasanjo had no alternative than to follow the footstep of General Murtala his former boss who was assassinated on February 13, 1976 in supporting the Murtala's Shariazation of Nigeria in 1977/78. But President Obasanjo has...
7 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - 2011 Presidential election: The three major contenders (Concluded)
Buhari is a sore looser! Not only that he lost the presidential election, he also lost the respect millions of Nigerians had for him by the violence his supporters unleashed in the north after he lost the presidential election. Nigerians have condemned...
8 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - I agree with Professor Omo Omoruyi
Some reactions to Omoruyi have tended to give the impression that the Igbo are in competition with Edo. This is not the case. The Igbo know their competitors in the struggle for power in Nigeria. These are the Yoruba and the Hausa-Fulani. For the Igbo to...
9 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Godwin Eke: Adieu!
My earliest and fondest memories of Godwin Eke date back to the early eighties, when he was a student of Trinity secondary school, Olodi, Apapa, Lagos. He was a very good school boy footballer who played in the first team of the school's soccer team; that...
10 Governor Obaseki – Making Edo State Nigeria’s investment destination? -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
No doubt Edo State is fast becoming Nigeria’s most business friendly investment destination. Edo state’s location, diverse culture, intellectual base, college graduate pool, hardworking peoples, rich soil, freedom of religious practices and welcoming...

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