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11 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Legislature at a crossroad
Those who forgot to act when it was right should go in shame and shouldn't allow their selfish interests to derail Nigeria. They should be guided by AL Gore wisdom in not contesting Bush's election saga. Yes, outside influence and international comments...
12 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Is quota system really responsible for the North and South divide?
At the moment, federal character in its present form has only benefited in reality the people from regions that have held power and who still enjoy the influence of their fallen fathers- Awo for Yoruba, Zik for Ibo and Balewa for the north. Furthermore,...
13 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - State of Emergency: Is President Obasanjo pushing for a New Agenda?
President Obasanjo has a different reason for the imposition of state of emergency if the impeached governor had not sent an SOS to that effect. President Obsanjo should realise that the federal and state government are different but complementary...
14 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Will Obasanjo and his treasury looters go quietly?
I think his government can only be credited for bringing GSM services to our people even though they continue to pay disproportionate and exploitative prices. Equally, Obasanjo should give credit to our Diasporas who have been helping through their foreign...
15 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Advice for President Obasanjo
There are things the President has done with no bad intention, unfortunately by surrounding himself with so many crooks and bad heads, Nigerians are becoming uncomfortable with his government policies. The President must not forget that it is only the...
16 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Bakassi Peninsula and the trouble ahead
The paucity of oil as source of energy has lead to the conspiracy by France, UK, Germany and other interest groups against Nigeria to deprive us of Bakassi Peninsula including the growing restiveness in Niger Delta, which is already impacting on the...
17 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Curbing corruption in Nigeria through Inheritance Tax Law
Tax on gifts could mitigate the show off attitude of Nigerians, especially it will reduce the extravagancy and lavish money spraying phenomenon, which is common at marriages and burial ceremonies since people would want to avoid the tax authority's...
18 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - RE: Don wants customary law studied in law school by Kamal Tayo Oropo
The fact that Nigeria is not a homogeneous state is a big problem. There is the issue of which custom should be dominant and applicable. Will it be right to use the customs of the big three ethnic groupings/Hausa, Ibo and Yoruba as normative? How are the...
19 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - France burning: The wider issue and its implication for Africa
Europe and America are in part to blame for the miseries in Africa in that, they have always supported the wrong group of leaders and have encouraged only capital flight rather than true partnership and self reliance initiatives meant to create wealth and...
20 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The unending abuse against the common man
How do you explain to someone that a governor, who stole billions of his people's money that ought to be used in development and provision of services, should escape the reach of Sharia justice as oppose to a common man who stole food simply because he was...

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