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91 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Precious
Life is filled with so many other moments that we cherish and treasure. Everyday is a gift from God. We all have different experiences that make us pause and ponder. You meet unique people who change your life by opening their hearts and home to you: Love...
92 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Jubilee Jewels (Part C)
Welcome on board. The jubilee journey continues with our next stop at the ''heavy'' city. Please ''take off'' your shoes, sandals or slippers as we get to ''Enyimba City''...The Elephant City...The ''Creative Warriors'' of Nigeria.
93 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Jubilee Jewels (Part B)
Nigeria is famous as an oil producing nation. Our oil has ''serviced'' the world. Port Harcourt is a Jubilee Jewel because it celebrates our rich land. As the chief oil-refining city in the nation, it a major economic ''pump''. It is arguably a hub for...
94 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Lights out
Switching off every light at night does cut down on your bills too. But what happens when lights out is not your own making? Have you been caught off guard with lights out? Imagine cooking jollof rice on your “electric cooker.” And just when all the red...
95 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Courage Voyage (Poems)
Courage Voyage is a collection of Poems capturing the 'Energy,' of the People, A notable landmark in Lagos, and the Light 'Progress.' Take a break and enjoy snapshots of Nigeria in Subsidy Strength, Rush Hour Bridge, and Light Bill.
96 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Amara (Grace)
Oh Amara! Oh God's Grace! It is that grace that is sustaining so many. Amara is an ordinary young woman just trying to get by. There are so many Amaras out there....Some are graduates with a Bachelors degree, Higher National Diplomas (HND) and even a...
97 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - ‘Hi-Tech’ nation gadgets galore
Technological advancement is a bench mark for measuring development. Communication has evolved from just the regular land line phones to cell phones with multiple uses. One other aspect of technology that has significantly impacted lives is in the...
98 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Human touch
I picked up the phone to call a family and I heard this message....; To speak to daddy press 1; To speak to mummy press 2; To speak to the children press 3 ... sometimes when the old gives way to the new, we often miss some certain aspects of the old and...
99 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - SPRING POEMS: Thank you; Love is like a baby; Nigeria; An African child; Towers of Love
'April' showers bring "May' flowers, is a common saying out here. Spring is that time of the year when we begin to brighten up and come out of our cocoons after months of hibernating due to Winter. All of a sudden the grasses turn green and flowers begin...
100 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Entrepreneurs………taking a bold step
...many people are thinking of an independent future where they can establish a business instead of waiting endlessly for employment. A lot of young men and women in Nigeria are thinking ''outside the box''. Beads, tire protectors, fish ponds, knitting of...

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