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71 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Daughter to Daddy ...Five things your girl wants you to know on father’s day
Girls need to have quality time with daddy; Playing, reading, telling stories, and sightseeing. They need lots of hugs and kisses from daddy. When you fill their affection ''tank'' early in life, they will not go looking for it in the wrong places.
72 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - SPRING POEMS (Part 2) - Traffic Lights; The Immigrant; Awesome hands --Niagara Falls; Saved but still lost
Preparation for barbecues has quietly begun. ... You might even make suya! ... Spring has a lot of preparations going on. It is a time when we begin to take a second look at all those projects that have been postponed for long. It is a time when we really...
73 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Adaptability
Finding a way to adapt in certain situations can be a peaceful way of getting on with life. While we hope that the circumstance we are dealing with changes, it is important that we try to enjoy our life.
74 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - That Gele ...A celebration of women and their headgears
For the African woman, “that gele” is an integral part of the outfit...shoe and bag to match. The process of tying that gele is a real “work out” for the arms! Standing in front of the mirror, battling with the stiff and crispy Switzerland fabric, Damask,...
75 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The sweat of a nation
Some of them had bicycles, some came to school on foot. I remember feeling bad whenever they had to go back to their sits or staff room without washing their hands after writing for hours with white chalk and having that chalk all over their hair and...
76 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Success: The price for the prize
Sometimes people back home have an unrealistic expectation of those in the Diaspora. As soon as you arrive, the 'buy me this' lists and 'send me that' emails start pouring in and you begin to dread phone calls from home after a while. Sometimes you can't...
77 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Connections: A conversation between two job seekers
Connections are good. They can help you get your foot in the door. They can help to inform you of some opportunities that others might not be aware of. But in a case where you have no ''friends in high places''....
78 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Communicating change
Interestingly, in a family, communicating change to children is difficult. Maybe a change of location, change of daily routine, change of school or just change of an activity! One must be prepared for the barrage of questions, cries, and attitudes that...
79 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Jubilee Jewels (Part F)
Food is ready! The Jubilee Journey will be stopping at the ''Buka'' to refuel. Please ''wash your hands'' and get ready to ''mould'' and ''swallow'' some local delicacies. Experience the diversity and richness in our taste buds and get ready to be...
80 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Signs
In life there are signs that point us to the right paths on our journey. Before you start any relationship there are good signs to look out for. You might also see a sign that says “Do not enter”. In your relationship with God, there are many signs that...

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