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21 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - “Made in” & “Made by”
You are a product of the Almighty one. You carry His stamp and seal on your life. The Almighty does not make damaged goods, and He does not make mistakes. His products are not questionable. You were “Made in” His image……….you were “Made by” God.
22 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - ''Know Nigeria'' (Part II)
Marching in a parade as the flag bearer on Independence Day (Oct 1st) in Nigeria, is quite a unique experience. Students standing under the scotching hot sun, looking very smart in their neat uniforms, beautiful hairstyles, shining school shoes, and white...
23 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Souvenirs
We certainly can connect the concept of souvenirs to the way we relate with people everyday. We are creating and leaving good or bad impressions when we interact with one another. These could be permanently engraved on their minds for many years to come.
24 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The children of Itedo
It was a Christmas party for 200 children, but close to 400 enthusiastic kids showed up at the church premises. They ranged from toddlers to teenagers. They came in their best clothes, some with shoes or slippers and some without. There were all kinds of...
25 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - “African Pearls”
The Oyster releases beautiful pearls matching the colour of the irritant. In its fight to protect itself, this wonderful creature gives us a special, rare and costly ornament of beauty. ''African Pearls'' are beautiful people who have developed lustre...
26 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Ticket (Part 2)
Sin is an offence against God. And the penalty or wages of Sin is death! But we have found mercy and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Because He came we have been pardoned of our Sins. The ''guilty ticket'' is no longer valid because He has paid the price...
27 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - On the eve of our Golden Jubilee (Part 1)
She will be 50 years old on Oct 1st 2010. She took the leadership of her own affairs by gaining Independence in 1960. It is certainly a major stride. The journey has been rough and tough. It is still long, but this milestone is a treasure and we must pause...
28 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - A trip to Africa on an mp3
With the recent luggage restrictions, fear and chaos for air passengers, a trip on an Mp3 player was quite an innovative idea! And guess what! It is free! The destination is Africa ---Malawi, Uganda and Zambia. The purpose of your trip is to visit one or...
29 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - On the eve of our Golden Jubilee (Part 2)
*HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION....NATIONAL DAY OF “SHAKARA.”*; *SHAKARA...PRIDE*; When you love your country; When you love your people; When you talk on the street; You will show Shakara!
30 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Walmart "Wahala": Update from Walmart International
In a follow-up to the news of Walmart opening locations in Lagos, I reached out to Walmart in Canada and the United States to get a clearer picture of what Nigerians should expect as they roll out their plans.

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