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1 Not lost, but found in Motherhood!
Oh yes, moms are part of a serious 'humanitarian relief' effort! Children make faces claiming that they are starving (which are frequent during this lockdown). Do you know how many 'concoction' meals you have cooked, bought, baked, and warmed up, just to...
2 Delicious December
Food is calling everywhere you go. A cookie here and there, a slice of this or that.... Sometimes it seems like December is the envy of other months....
3 Fabulous Finds under $5
Thrift stores, garage sales, vintage shops, antique and flea markets - perusing for treasures in other people's castoffs could be a delightful hobby!
4 The Writing Life
April is National Poetry month. Walk into a library and see the delectable display of works by poets around the world, some who have delighted and captivated our imagination, wrapping, and drenching us in words that lingers on.
5 Nigeria 2019: "New wine in an old bottle"
The common denominator is that these leaders are the same people, with the same mind set. What are the possibilities that change will happen if we continue to have the same cycle of leaders? ... they are not doing or surrounding themselves with those who...
6 Mommy Moments -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Of all the books written by or on Kofi Atta Annan (1938-2018) none is more controversial than the 442 page book, THE BEST INTENTIONS by Mr. James Traub, a New York Times magazine journalist, who enjoyed unprecedented access to Mr. Annan and his top aides...
7 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - In Loving memory of the Plane Crash Victims……………..
We remember their sweetness; Their voices echoe in our heads and hearts.; We still have their pictures,; We still see them on our screens; Speaking the truth that they always believed in.; We cry again but we know that they believed in something.; We know...
8 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Consistency
Consistency also means agreement and harmony. Fostering togetherness and oneness in a home, organisation, or country is definitely a priority. Creating opportunities, atmospheres, and discussions that will encourage unity is commendable. Building a bond...
9 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Christmas Collection (Poems)
Christmas is not about decorations! Oh, really? I wish children could understand that. But a well deserved salute to homes and public places that look like Chrismas 'headquarters' with lovely displays of the nativity scene, lights, and intricately woven...
10 Garlands of Joy -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Joy is not about happiness. Some times when laughter seems so far away and all you can do is smile, it is okay as you continue on your journey to Joy. Joy is in knowing that the Almighty has got you in the palm of His hands and you are not alone in your...

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