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51 Adopting the traditional mode of communication in mobilising support for Gov. Ikpeazu's victory in the Abia guber poll
While the social media war rages, the open market which remains one of the most powerful and important institution in Nigeria, should be deployed to good use.
52 Of David Dion, Hughes Stanford, Joseph Goebbels and the Ukwa-Ngwa second term governorship bid
The fate of David Dion may not be familiar, but we cannot easily forget Hughes Stanford. Stanford sought to appease the Christian mission which explored the Niger areas (later Nigeria).
53 All hail the People's General
Abaribe's continuous return to the red chambers proves that the Senate is not for political green horns. He has strongly demonstrated high intellectual capability in the Senate....
54 Our heart goes out to the Ethiopian airline crash victims
God is all knowing. He knows our end from the beginning. ... As these victims set out in their journey to eternity, let everyone join hands to bid them a resounding farewell.
55 Agbonma (Short story, fiction)
Moonlight seasons are the most remarkable seasons in Igwekala. They are nights of dancing, folklores, and hide and seek games. The nights also provide ample opportunities for children who are into mischiefs and adults who in some illicit affairs such as...
56 The new media as a member of the media family
For some decades now, there has been a rapid transformation in the media world, and this is predicated upon the use of digital technologies, such as the Internet and video games.
57 Ken, the next door neighbour
The temptation were becoming irresistible for Ken. Clara attempts to lure him into bed are unbearable. Each time Ken wards of Clara's advances, she'd devise others. Ken was in a dilemma whether to default his oath with Ogbaghaja shrine and face misfortune...
58 Boosting economic opportunities of Abia through Enyimba Economic City Project
Hopes have risen for employment opportunities in Abia State, Nigeria as the Enyimba Economic City Project, other things being equal, is expected to take off this year. Recently,Abia State and Federal Government signed Definitive Agreements.
59 Can Osu caste system be abolished in Igbo land?
The December effort is one card out of the pack of efforts of notable individuals and organisations to end the obnoxious practice and this has left well- meaning Nigerians wondering if the recent effort will definitely put to an end the caste system to an...
60 INEC: When an electoral umpire is accused of bias
The build up to the polls was characterized by widespread allegations of situating polling units in the living rooms of powerful politicians, moving sensitive election materials to illegal destinations ahead of time.

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