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11 News -- American based Nigerian author, Okey Nwachuku, advocates reading culture among Nigerians
HEADLINE | Posted: Saturday, July 6, 2019 American based Nigerian author advocates reading culture among Nigerians By Okechukwu Keshi Ukegbu n American based Nigerian author, Okey Nwachuku, has advocated the promotion of reading culture among Nigerians....
12 Exploring Okey Nwachuku, George Awoonor-William's African belief on the relationship between the dead and the living
One belief is strongly rooted in some African tradition. This is the belief that the dead has strong relationship with the living and can influence them either positively or negatively. Two works have highlighted this belief substantially. They include...
13 Abia and its development partnerships
Development partnerships are very essential in every government. This is because of the fact that government cannot do it alone but will always require collaborations with development partners.
14 Hon Chinedum Orji and the 7th Abia House of Assembly
Other things being equal, we are expecting a very active house that will not relent to wield its big hammer on those who are ever willing and ready to disobey the laws and resolutions passed by the house.
15 Rumour and propaganda are negative to Abia development
Recently elements whose stock-in-trade has been to deploy arm twisting measures to subdue government into gaining one favour or the other, took to their usual trade by invading some social media platforms and reeled out some unfounded claims to malign and...
16 Prof. Eboh, who the cap fits
'A round peg in a round' is increasingly no longer a strange concept in Nigeria -- where persons who are not qualified for positions are appointed. This was defeated recently in Abia State as Prof. Ezionye Eboh was appointed the substantive rector of the...
17 Aturu, Ubani and the rest of us
Part of the irony of life is that villains appropriate the glories of the exploits of brave men. Even when these men fight wars so that there will be no wars, and shed their blood so that there will be no blood shed, afterwards, little or nothing is heard...
18 The wife of Abia State governor, Mrs Nkechi Ikpeazu, building legacies through Vicar Hope Foundation
The importance of diagnosis and treatment centre cannot be over-emphasised. It will offer a huge relief to sickle cell patients by providing treatment at a subsidised rate.
19 Curbing the menace of suicide in Nigeria
Analysts have began to wonder recently if the evil spirit influencing suicide has finally decided to domicile in Nigeria. No minute passes without the news of suicide or attempted suicide.
20 How not to defend the demolition of Akachi statue
The defence by the government is glaringly weak and smacks of suspicions. If the motive is to divert people's suspicion, it as done the opposite and only succeeded raising some posers.

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