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1 Is Atiku-Obi the antidote to Buhari?
It takes a Northerner to know what animates the Northern electorate, some will say. What if it will take a Fulani to take down a sitting President of Fulani origin running for re-election.
2 Alex Otti's message of hope to Abia citizens in Diaspora
As much as it will be difficult to fully enumerate all that Dr. Otti said to his audiences in both New York and Houston-Texas, it could simply be said that this is a man who is not running for Governor for the thrill of it....
3 The atrocious case of an Abia State governor
In the next couple of months, it will be 3 years since Dr Okezie Ikpeazu assumed office as Abia State Governor. In those two plus years we've regrettably watched the continued deterioration of the state in all facets of human, social, political and...
4 Job Wanted: An experienced fiscal manager for Abia State
When you consider the fact that this Governor, who cannot account for the Billions of Naira he has received over the past three years, is reportedly attempting to borrow 45 Billion Naira more, you begin to wonder if there is an underlying layer of fiscal...
5 The fallacy of gov ikpeazu's town hall meetings
Lest we forget, the Governor went to Rwanda to give a speech on E-Governance which to me is a joke considering the fact that most Abia ministries and state government operations are still operating on the analog and not digital age.
6 The rising scourge of sectionalism in Abia politics
It is very disheartening now in 2018, as we approach another election, to hear whispers of a resurgence of the ethnic or sectional discriminatory rhetoric by the same ethnic hustlers in their eternal quest to re-elect Dr Ikpeazu by casting Dr Otti once...
7 Dr. Uche Ogah and the political gamble of a spoiler in Abia State guber poll
When I read about Dr Uches Ogah's declaration of intention to run for the Governorship of Abia State in next year's election, I was more than disillusioned.
8 The questionable integrity of a President
The writing of this article was partly provoked by Mr. Yahaya Balogun's piece, as published by Nigeriaworld, titled, 'Yes, Mr. Integrity And His Adversaries...!!!', in which he exalted President Muhammadu Buhari as Integrity personified.
9 Dr Ikpeazu: Abia state government of lies, flag offs, billboards and jingles
Watching the Ikpeazu administration in all its rottenness reveals this simple fact, its lack of competence, integrity, morality, and capability has resulted in its obsessive and compulsive desire to lie, falsify facts....
10 Okezie Ikpeazu and T.A Orji: No honour amongst thieves
A cursory look at the revelations against Senator T.A Orji by Mr. Norman Don Obinna in his recent RelmNews publication, reveals, if true, a state's debt burden of N60bn....

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