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91 The 7 types of Christians on Earth and salvation -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Most people aren't aware that sins, which are inadvertent or willful violation and disregard to the commandments and wills of the True Lord God Almighty are equivalent to curses. In other words, the corollaries of sins are inevitably spiritual curses which...
92 Herdesmen terrorism in Nigeria: Remember we warned President Buhari about Fulani herdsmen here as far back as 2015? -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
[Buhari] He has done everything right and proper as at now and has taken the right steps so far. As we revealed in this column penultimate week, there is one solid and concrete achievement President Buhari should strive and concentrate on between now and...
93 Pre-conversion sins affecting your marriage and life in general -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
What you do not see can hurt you is a popular commercial on television in the United States. The company that runs the advertisement didn't know they were communicating a strong spiritual message as well as selling their products.
94 Divine Sapience and Prayerful Success: My Lord God is still in the business of Miracles -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
This brings us to the miracle of childbearing witnessed by two couples the True Lord God Almighty used us again at the Jesus Christ Solution Center for His Utmost this week. You see, I hear people say tongue-in-cheeks: 'God's Time is the Best' and I ask...
95 Concluding 12 Hidden spiritual clues to your singleness, marital problems and other issues of life -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
If you have had sexual intercourse with anyone beside your legitimately-married wife or husband, either before you became a born-again Christian or after you were redeemed; you have a demon spirit inside you.
96 7 Biblical laws for settling down to your God-given husband -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Satan set up the current worldly arrangement as a counterpoise to the original Plan of the True Lord God Almighty aftermath of the disobedience of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The True Lord God Almighty doesn't rule the world, but rules the earth.
97 When innocents suffer before, during and after christian marriage -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Pastor K. couldn't understand why his wife of 10 years was still barren. As the Word of Life says in Luke 4:23: "Physician, heal thyself." He prays for others and sees instant answers, including those couples going through what he's suffering, yet why is...
98 You can't fulfill The Lord's purpose and will for your life without marriage -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
There is nowhere in the entire Holy Bible that the True Lord God Almighty told His own to live a single life in order to carry out His purpose and will for our lives? I told Sister M. that she chose to remain single not because she wanted to discharge her...
99 Unbroken covenants and irreversible curses -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Brother K. was about to marry and his folks way back at home in the Republic of Ghana advised him to come home to take an authentic African lady as wife. "All those American women have been spoiled and make sure you don't marry any of them," his people...
100 Who are you spiritually? The need for spiritual pesonality diagnoses in marriage & ORS -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
It is amazing how prospective suitors harp on blood genotype, marriage counseling, financial status, educational qualification, physical attraction, job security and the rest but often neglect the most important of all when planning marriage: spiritual...

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