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91 Indepth analyses on what, who, when and how to honor
Second, you honor money by spending and using it judiciously. Your value and reverence for money is determined by how you use it for your needs and desires.
92 Indepth analyses on power, honor and glory
In each power department is a principality; if you want physical power like a boxer, wrestler etc, if you satisfy the requirements of the principality here, he will send some demons into your body for that purpose and when you die, you belong to him.
93 How Sen. Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke used prophecies for election victory in Osun State
In our prophecies published here in this column before the just concluded Osun Governorship Election, we wrote inter alia: 'Now to the forthcoming 2022 Governorship Election in the State of Osun. Nearly four years ago, Gboyegan Oyetola snatched victory...
94 OSUN 2022 EXCLUSIVE! Who wins, who loses to enter and exit Abere Government House Osogbo?
The Adeleke Family is a famous, popular, and highly revered family in the historic town of Ede in Osun State nay Yoruba Land. The family is also very wealthy, and this is an incontrovertible fact, but....
95 A human race in custody: Who paid the bail bond and would get yout out?
Religion tells us that there are some regulations, regimens, and rituals that human beings must follow to get rid of the sin-soaked inborn nature in the human DNA.
96 How the True Lord God Almighty uses common people, places and things for extraordinaries
Often times we belittle the little things of the world and those people we neglect and count as nobodies....
97 Prophetic fulfillment on monkey pox aftermath of COVID-19 global pandemic: See Thursday April 08, 2021
It appears as if the world is trying to put the Covid-19 global pandemic in the rear mirror whereas many souls are still being lost to the disease.
98 Exclusive prophetic fulfilment on Akinwumi Adesina and call to contest Nigeria's presidency 2023
On Monday June 21, 2021, these were our prophecies on current President of the African Development Bank (AfDB)....
99 Prophetic flashback on Synagogue Church and Late Temitope Joshua
The paranormal and weird occurrences I prophesied about are in the offing at SCOAN.
100 CAMPAIGN DISPATCHES SERIES: The Udom Gabriel Emmanuel Presidential Campaign Organization (TUGEPCO) receives accolades and support across Nigeria
The Udom Gabriel Emmanuel Presidential Campaign Organization (TUGENPCO 2023) has tapped Texas-based writer, author, prophet and news analyst, Dr Moshood Ademola Fayemiwo as its Deputy Director-General.

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