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71 25TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL (1997-2022): My call to ministry by my Lord Jesus Christ (Part 1)
The news of my kidnap was first broken to the world by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees -UNHCR- in Switzerland through its local office in Cotonou, Benin Republic and the US State Department picked it up.
72 2022 Prophecies concluded: Beginning of WWW III and the coming Armageddon
Does Mr. Vladimir know what Mr. Putin want honestly by amassing cavalcade of troops and armaments against Ukraine?
73 LATEST 2022 WORLD EXCLUSIVE! War is here, other prophecies and what happens beyond (Part 3)
People of the world, a global tohubohu is approaching, because war is coming.
74 2022 EXCLUSIVE! Prophecies and what happens beyond (Part 2)
We disclosed last week that this year will be extremely difficult for the people on the earth. Open your hands to fellow believers and practice charity and hospitality.
75 2022 EXCLUSIVE! Prophecies and what happens beyond (1)
The world should pray that a global crisis will not ensue between the US and Russia, beginning from the summer of 2022 that will eventually lead to World War.
76 NIGERIA 2023 SPECIAL: How the PDP can win the presidential election?
You don't choose your party chairman in a zone or state you are already comfortable. Of the 13 governors produced by the PDP so far, 8 of them are in the South.
77 Our Lord Jesus Christ is still the only way, even before, in 2022 and beyond
Let us look at the evidence, even from a logical perspective, that our Lord, Master and Savior Jesus Christ is the Only Way and not one of several ways to salvation.
78 The Christian Walk Column review of outgoing 2021 and prophetic fulfillment
...we warned the late Satanist Temitope Joshua three years ago that his impending doom was at hand ....
79 Nigerian Exclusive Political Prophecies for 2023: - Ekiti 2022, who wins and who loses in Nigeria's next election cycle (Part 3)
...the game-changer is not who the person is, but where the person comes from.
80 Should genuine born-again Christians celebrate Xmas?
...the festivities are not celebrations of our Messiah, but of Satan.

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