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61 Breaking World News! Nigeriaworld columnist appointed aS Deputy Director-General, Udom Gabriel Emmanuel presidential campaign organization in Nigeria
The Udom Gabriel Emmanuel Presidential Campaign Organization (TUGENPCO 2023) has tapped Texas-based writer, author, prophet and news analyst, Dr Moshood Ademola Fayemiwo as its Deputy Director-General.
62 FLASHBACK PROPHETIC SERIES 4: Nother post-COVID 19 epidemic stealthily creeping on the World according to our earlier prophecies (Thursday April 8, 2021)
History is playing out plainly right before our eyes in the affairs of the human race. We should reiterate what is happening right now in the world and how it will pan out.
63 FLASHBACK PROPHETIC SERIES 3: Do you remember our prophecies on 5 governors will not make it to 2023?
Remember when we prophesied in this column two years ago that five governors currently in office in Nigeria would not complete their terms?
64 News -- Africa gearing up for FIFA World Cup qualifiers
HEADLINE | Posted: Saturday, March 26, 2022 Africa gearing up for FIFA World Cup qualifiers By Kazeem Oladipo Lagundoye, Forwarded by Dr. Moshood Fayemiwo he last matches of the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers will be played over the next week and ten teams...
65 FLASHBACK PROPHETIC SERIES 2: Apocalypse and revelation for 2021 and beyond (published Saturady January 2, 2021)
Do you observe the eerie silence and nonchalance of various governments and organizations toward the Coronavirus Pandemic immediately the global death tolls clocked 6 million? Do you still remember we prophesied in this column that the global pandemic...
66 FLASHBACK PROPHETIC SERIES: The current russia-ukraine war prophesied here wednesday March 5, 2014
Exactly 8 years ago this month, the Lord Jesus Christ showed us the current war raging in Ukraine known as the Russia-Ukraine War. Read the prophecy as published in this column on Wednesday March 5, 2014.
67 WORLD EXCLUSIVE: - COVID-19 Prophetic Fulfillment and Russia-Ukraine War foretold in 2013 and 2014
Covid-19 ticked to 6 million death last night.... Do you remember the prophecy we gave in this column at the outset of the pandemic that the world would not have a breather until 6 million human souls perished?
68 25TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL (1997-2022): Prophecies and miracles inside DMI and Abacha's demise
The first prophetic miracle was the conversion of one Sister Halima Asukun who was a mistress of late Sani Abacha. Yes, the then First Lady, Mariam Abacha had caused the arrest and detention of this woman by Omenka and his gangsters and kept at the DMI.
69 25TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL (1997-2022): The testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy (Part 3)
Folks, do you know that in virtually all the detention and prison houses around the world, the only written materials allowed for inmates to have access to are religious materials? Satan and his fallen angels are bastards and fools, believe me!
70 25TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL (1997-2022): My Lord, Master and Savior Jesus Christ called, I heard His voice
It is as if it was yesterday or few hours ago. Very fresh and indelible in my heart and still reverberating in my ears. I wasn't sleeping.

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