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51 How to rid yourself of demons of illicit sex, Satan's WMD
Because we humans are co-creators with the Almighty God on earth to make Satan and his fallen angels envious as deprived and decapitated power mongers, humans are supposed to exercise power, authority, and dominion over all things in the earthly realm.
52 Illicit sex as Satan's wmd-weapon of mass destruction
The second reason illicit sexual acts are destructive with greater rapidity is that sexual sins are willful. They are the types of sins that you cannot plead that you were deceived and goaded by Satan and his demons.
53 The encounter with my Lord Jesus Christ that changed my life forever
It was a Friday afternoon on February 21, 1997. I was inside the dungeon of the Directorate of Military Intelligence of the Nigerian military Apapa Southwest Lagos.
54 The narrativized falsehood of Fall of Iblis and Satan's rebellion
Did Lucifer, who later became known as Satan, fall from God's Grace because he refused to bow down to Adam...?
55 All religions and denominations, including christianity lead to hell
The rebellion of the human race began with our First Parents, Adam, and Eve, in the Garden of Eden.
56 Divine health through alternative medicine is biblical and approved by Our Lord Jesus Christ
We are talking of High Blood Pressure a.k.a Hypertension, the 'silent killer'
57 Good people go to hell, only faithful believers in Our Lord Jesus Christ go to Heaven
Satan is a vulpine spirit. He deceives the world that you are good enough to make it to heaven.
58 Our Lord Jesus Christ is God of new rebirth: A powerful testimony of His power to change lives
When I was a child, I never got a single kiss from my mother, and I never kissed her either. I felt like I died at the age of 8 when I heard my mom say she didn't love me.
59 GUEST COLUMNIST: BOLA BOLAWOLE: My testimony of his excellency Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel CON, Governor of Akwa Ibom State (2015-2023)
I first heard of Gov. Udom Emmanuel from unusual quarters
60 BIBLICAL PROPHECIES: When does The True Lord God Almighty speak? To Sonala Olumhense!
Similarly, to Mr. Olumehense and his ilk, you must have heard of my former life at the University of Lagos, way back in Nigeria, I was a bad and terrible character, a fornicator, womanizer, liar, idolater, fraudster, scammer, thief and....

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