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21 How can the evil of terrorism be abated?
Sadly, terrorism has almost become a quotidian evil around the world in the past decade. And, while thatís a distressing statement, itís also an accurate one.
22 Differences between Prophecy and Prophetic Words/Utterances
There are many born-again Christians, scores of believers and billions of human beings on Earth who do not know there are differences between prophecy and prophetic words and utterances. When a prophet says or writes something, as I do here in this column...
23 Heavenly Protocols For Approaching The True Lord God Almighty
I was a guest of a prominent government official in an African nation. I had been invited for His Utmost. Words quickly spread that I was around and the president of the country wanted to see me. The protocol department sent two of their officials to work...
24 The 7 Major Differences between Praise and Worship
As I went through my Facebook newsfeed during the week, Mrs. Irabor posted a news item in the form of a question and asked: 'What's the difference between Praise and Worship?' When Mrs. Irabor and I met at the defunct National Concord Newspapers in 1984, I...
25 Seeking a better understanding of Scripture - Response to Mr. Moshood Fayemiwo's Article of Sunday June 2, 2019 titled "Eight Fallacious Doctrines and Heresies of Seventh Day Adventist World Church"
Mr. Fayemiwo is 100% wrong. The SDA does not teach that one can earn his/her way to Heaven by keeping the Sabbath. If one could do so, Jesus would not have rebuked the Pharisees and Sadducees as He did.
26 The True Lord God Almighty Doesn't Love The World
It is one of the most famous and popular verses that has been translated into many of the world's languages and dialects.
27 12 Basic Reasons Satan and His Demons Hate the Human Race; You and Me
Satan hates you. Satan hates the True Lord God Almighty Who created him. Since the moment Satan and his fallen spirits: principalities and demons; were flushed out of heaven, because of their disobedience and rebellion, they have vowed that they would...
28 The demon-god of self-strength and why the United States is perpetually at war?
The United States of America, my adopted home country had just celebrated its 241st year independence, but historically, this beautiful land is 525 years old. In its existence, the United States of America has been fighting wars, both within and without;...
29 How to identify Pseudo-Christian sects and para-secret organizations
When we started our series on pseudo-Christian organizations and satanic sects few weeks ago as commanded by the Holy Spirit, we knew and anticipated the likely and sure backlash from the agents of Satan and Darkness. You see, para-secret organizations...
30 The religion of football and the demon-god of soccer decoded
Is soccer as it is known in non-American World, which is being glorified around the world a religion? Many born-again Christians will argue hoarse that there is nothing wrong in joining the rest of the people of the world in the frenzied ecstasy and...

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