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181 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Why and how The True Lord God Almighty reveal his plans and the future to us - His children?
Each and every one of us only plays our parts in the theater of life. How you act your part in the crucible of life is up to each of us, according to William Shakespeare. Not only is the Almighty Lord God the historian, He's also the author of the play of...
182 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - What is the will and purpose of The Lord God Almighty for the Earth?
You hear it all the time from religious leaders and moralists that the Lord God Almighty controls the world. When you ask these people which areas of the world God controls, they tell you everything. Does the Almighty God really control the world? It may...
183 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Introducing the Christian Walk Revival Program 2015: From Monday, September 28, 2015 to Sunday, November 08, 2015
When the Lord God Almighty instructed us to organize a revival known as The Christian Walk Revival Program in Nigeria this year, we hear ken unto the Voice of the Holy One immediately. Beginning from Monday September 28, 2015 to Sunday November 8, 2015,...
184 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Special Report: Open Letter to APC delegates in Ondo guber 2016
There is one candidate that you can vouch for in Ondo State APC. You know her pedigree and her sacrifice for the people of our state. You know her consistency and passion. She has been a thorough progressive all her life. She stood with us in the trenches...
185 How do Satan and his demons know the future? Other matters arising -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
My dear Pastor T.G.O, it is good to want the further touch of the Holy Spirit in your life and equally gratifying to want to do exploits for His Utmost, since anointing differs from anointing and the Holy Spirit is given in different measure. Similarly, it...
186 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Satan's wills and purposes for you and the Earth
While the Creator has a will and purposes for each ad every one of us here on earth, do not forget too that Satan also has a will and purpose for every creature of the Lord God Almighty on earth too. There are three wills and purposes of Satan for every...
187 The 7 spiritual causes of hurricane and natural disasters -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
While scientists and environmentalists offer man-made explanations as to the causes of these natural disasters, perceptive people with spiritual knowledge will undoubtedly know these natural calamities have spiritual underpinnings. There is indeed...
188 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The Gift of Healing by the Holy Spirit
Sickness is the by-product of diseases and diseases are part of the attacks human beings suffer from demonic forces, either because we have contravened the law of God, which is called sin or the willful or ignorant infraction of Divine Laws; or the...
189 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - A very strange story - The devil and his human agents are at work all over the world
This is my focus on the constant attempts by the Devil or Satan to negatively control and influence the lives of those who steadfastly refuse to serve it or be influenced by its antics. It follows then that if you are a child of God and worship Him in...
190 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Knowing God's purpose and will for your life? (Concluded)
Thus, in knowing the will and purpose of the Lord, it is apposite for you to repudiate what Satan is saying, what his demons are chorusing with their master the devil contrary to the Word of the Jehovah Lord God Almighty, what their human agents are...

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