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171 Dealing with family hatred, kindred demons and familiar enemies in 2020
He [Lucifer] was able to draw one-third of the angels to join him in his coup d'état which tragically for them ended in a fiasco thus necessitating their complete, irredeemable and scorched banishment from heavens. Incensed and bitter, these lost angels...
172 Nigeria 2020: The 8 cities in the next spiritual warfare in Africa's most populous nation
I will now expatiate more on the nature of this spiritual warfare and the eight major cities of spiritual flashpoints. Other cities and states should be spiritually guarded, but these eight cities are pivotal.
173 Why does God allow Christians to suffer? Does He not care?
This is strictly for the truly-regenerated and genuinely-converted believers and followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
174 Why God allows His anointed to die and be murdered? The power in the believer's blood
Every genuine Christ believer and true follower must have an experiential encounter with the prince of this world, either directly or through his menageries of agents that would test our faith and belief in the One Who gave it all for us to have eternal...
175 The 3 choices before Prof. Oluwayemisi Oluwaleke Osinbajo, VP, Federal Repulic of Nigeria
Now that Prof Yemi Osinbajo has got to this level so far, he has the sacred right and duty to resign so that his loyalty to his boss will not continue to dog the Buhari Administration.
176 7 Biblical ways a true born-again Christian can play politics and not be corrupted
A truly-regenerated and genuinely-converted person inspired by the Holy Spirit to go into politics and public service will be instructed by the Holy Spirit to accomplish specific objectives.
177 Can a true born-again Christian be in politics and be above-board?
This greatest power in all realms is what is called Spiritual Power. In order for Man through Adam to exercise this untrammeled Spiritual Power, the Almighty Father gave Adam the legal instrument needed in Gen. 2:16: 'And the Lord God commanded the man:...
178 Can a truly-genuine and wholy-regenerated born-again Christian play politics and not be corrupted?
Back to the Unilag Years; I became the apotheosis of my late father at the University of Lagos as student union politics consumed me and I valued becoming the president of the students union more than earning a degree. My deep involvement in student's...
179 The 7 PS of The True Lord God Almighty for success and eternal life
Even though there are some lesser demons and fallen spirits that proclaim themselves as gods and goddesses and being worshiped by some ignorant children of Adam and Eve; we know there is Only One Lord and God Almighty, the Lord of lords, the King of kings...
180 How the True Lord God Almighty and Satan rule the Earth and World
When the Book of Life says that the True Lord God Almighty is sovereign over everything on the earth as Psalm 103:19: pointed out, many Christians peremptorily assume the Jehovah Lord God Almighty control them. Truth is; the sovereignty of the Almighty God...

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