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161 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - How will The True Lord God Almighty judge the world?
All those that have implemented the seven stages aforementioned are safe. Salvation is the conscious decision made by a human being to stop sinning by inviting the Lord Jesus Christ into his or her life so he or she can carry out the purpose and will of...
162 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Is Mr. Temitope Joshua of Synagogue of Satan in Nigeria a fake or True Man of God?
As the Nigerian nation slides deeper into poverty and the Hobbesian world, the church and other faith-based organizations have become avenues to pauperize and impoverish the gullible masses. ... I have received and still receiving tons of letters from...
163 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - If The Lord God Almighty is Good and Sovereign, why is there so much evil in the world?
Even the most faithful mind can doubt and do sometimes question how the True Lord God Almighty runs the world. Is God Almighty really in charge of the world? If He is in charge as organized religions tell us, why is the world in turmoil? Why are billions...
164 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - How the True Lord God Almighty and Satan know the future?
How was it possible for a witch and a satanic agent to predict the future? Can Satan predict the future? Is it only the Lord God Almighty Who can predict the future? According to the Holy Bible, Satan can predict the future. In our new book titled: "The...
165 Are you unemployed? 30 Differences between a job and a work in spiritual analysis -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
For you to be what you have never been before, you must be willing and ready to do what you have never done before. This is when the Holy Spirit teaches you the differences between a job and a work.
166 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Where do Satan and his demons live now? The gift of spiritual discernment
A listener called in on a radio program on Moody Radio, Chicago, two weeks ago and asked where Satan and the demons live in the world today. The distinguished radio guest; a doctor of theology, seminary president and an author replied that Satan lives in...
167 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Speaking in Tongues and Praying in Tongues, As last gifts of the Holy Spirit
It has always been the practices of Satan, his principalities and demons, including their human agents to mimic the Sovereign Lord God of the heavens and the universe. In all things, all ways and always, Satan wants to be like God. ... Let's get this...
168 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Are all miracles from The Lord God Almighty?
Another sign to look out for is the longevity and durability of the miracles. Do the recipients of miracles from any man or woman of God experience permanent healing or miracle? When Satan performs a miracle, he leaves the person for a while and comes back...
169 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The three "S" Triumph of Salvation by The Lord Jesus Christ on the cross
Let's dial back the snooze of human history to the beginning and make a supposition. The supposition is this; would Adam and Eve, and by extension the whole human race have fallen, if the Lord God Almighty had not warned Adam not to eat from the tree of...
170 How do you forgive your traducers? A model prayer -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
A sister called us here at The Jesus Christ Solution Center, Texas, requesting for prayer and spiritual help like numerous souls do from around the world. ... As I was about to commence her spiritual diagnosis, the Holy Spirit told me point blank: 'Do not...

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