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161 Satan's Weapon of Mass Destruction (Part One)
When the True Lord God Almighty showed us the current global pandemic known as Coronavirus, we published it in this column for nearly a year alerting the entire human race. Here were our exact words as revealed by the Holy Spirit and published here in The...
162 Our prophecy on Coronavirus in The Christian Walk and my birthday anniversary
The current global pandemic that has taken the people of the world unawares and pants down didn't just sneak onto us without notice. The True Lord God Almighty that allowed this Coronavirus on us revealed it to His trusted prophets and those of us He has...
163 What is the question if Jesus Christ is the answer? USA: 2020
If you call yourself any of these five names and you are not sure of your calling and still continues to parade yourself as such in the Body of Christ, not only are you an impostor, fake and false, but our Lord Jesus Christ will definitely call you a...
164 Yahya Bello, Inua Wada of Kogi and the prophecy on political leadership
In both prophecies, we gave a veiled reference to the person who would govern the state in 2015. The man who would have been governor lived and still lives in Kaduna. He is from Ebira Land. His name is Dr Moses Wokili, a businessman. When he contacted us...
165 On Bayelsa State, Gov Douye Diri of the PDP, David Lyon of the APC and Ejike Mbaka: What will happen?
We knew again, thanks to the Holy Spirit, that Gov Dickson would be the one to pick his successor in trends the Holy Spirit of God has been showing us all along, even when political pundits and analysts were insinuating that Dickson sidelined critical...
166 Which church should I attend and worship: How to differentiate Satanic Church from the Church of The Lord Jesus Christ?
Like the real, authentic and genuine always butt heads with the fake, phony and "the baroof" as we say in my native Nigeria, many "kalokalo" or casinos churches are springing daily by religious racketeers, mountebanks and those Apostle Paul described their...
167 The power of language: How Satan has sinfully corrupted our words
Satan and his demons know the import of power of words and language for secular victory and spiritual authority and have thus corrupted words to bring the human race to the cesspit of despair, dishonor and eternal obloquy. Have you noticed that the word...
168 Report from Breakthrough 2020: Overtime and Overdrive
The Breakthrough 2020 was spiritually successful. ... Now the event will become a yearly Holy Spirit meet and we will love to see you next year for the Breakthrough 2021....
169 2020-2060: Will Nigeria disintegrate or remain united? spiritual matters arising
Following Nigeria's so-called political independence, the departed colonialists knew the booby traps they set for the so-called newly-independent nation which is a long one that space would not permit us here. Many analysts have wondered, would the British...
170 Breakthrough 2020: What do you want me to do O! Lord?
There are 12 issues of life that are generically indubitable in the three phases of Life's Journey from Pre-Natal, to Adult life and Gathering of Life. You and I do not have inputs into these 12 issues of life already decided by the Creator Himself. These...

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