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131 BREAKING NEWS ON NIGERIA 2023 SPECIAL: The National Chairman pdp needs for victory
You need a seasoned politician in the mold of Sule Lamido to re-build the PDP from top to bottom first and then galvanize the entire Nigerian population to rebuild the Nigerian Project.
132 NIGERIA 2023 SPECIAL: The David and Goliath of the presidential election like no other
If you have given your life to my Lord Jesus Christ; have taken Him and Only Him as your Master and Savior, all sorts of goliaths will surround and encompass you.
133 Under Atiku, Nigeria is finished; but with The Lord God Almighty, Abubakar is finished!
Atiku Abubakar got what he lost in 1993 in Abiola when Obasanjo was brought from prison to become president in 1999 as a sop to the Yoruba loss of their illustrious and beloved son; Chief MKO Abiola.
134 What else does Atiku want? Must Abubakar become president at all costs?
He is a recurring decimal in Nigeria's discombobulated political system. ... In every presidential primary, Mr. Atiku Abubakar will stuff envelopes with American Dollars instead of the nation's Naira....
135 Template of rebuttal to colleges, universities and organizations on refusal to take vaccination
First, pray, continue to pray, and let prayer become your life from now onward. I mean it, folks! If you are the lukewarm type, you need to snap out of it from now until you either go home-they call it death among human beings-or our Lord Jesus Christ come...
136 Why do Satan and demons crave for human blood?
Do you know that no matter the liquid we drink as humans, we will not be satisfied? Water is the source of life. Ditto, when demons drink human blood....
137 URGENT WARNING: 3 Deadly satanic tricks in these end times
We are at war! Yes, we are at war indeed! But the war we are talking about is not physical combat.
138 If Prince Uche Secondus remains PDP National Chairman…?
It galls my heart to report this fearful eschatological event. It is excruciatingly heartbroken when a raging epidemic is on-going and yet unabated remaining 2 million souls to die, only for another one to be warming up.
139 If Prince Uche Secondus remains PDP National Chairman…?
When precious souls call here and we tell them how expensive we are, they cringe and complain and we normally tell them to try failure, darkness and oppression and they will be shocked how costlier and expensive those are.
140 Power of prayers and how to access the powers of Psalms
The day a human being really grasped these two immutable declarations of the Almighty God on you as His creation; that is the day you discovered your spiritual identity.

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