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121 Ex-President Trump and four years of witchcraft in American politics
The masked underbelly of the Far Right under Trump is the fear of the changing racial demographics of the United States and the prospects of losing White privileges. Just as Adolf Hitler initially gained wider support of the so-called White Evangelicals in...
122 The year and decade of apocalyptic revelation (2021-2029)
Please let's pray for that young man call Omoyele Sowore and anyone who can reach him where he is being held incommunicado in Nigeria should tell him to confess his sins and give his life to my Lord, Master and Savior Jesus Christ. Even if he is released...
123 Apocalypse and revelation for 2021 and beyond
THE COMING OF CORONAVIRUS 2.0 PANDEMIC: As an addendum to the above on the current global virus, another outbreak of another mega pandemic that is deadlier and more murderous than Coronavirus-19 is warming up in the kingdom of darkness.
124 2021 IN PROPHECY: Please pray for Ms. Oprah Gail Winfrey
I do not know where you are reading this piece, but if you are wise, you will not take life-defining decisions based on the policies of your local governments, lawmakers, scientists, academicians, the media men and women of the world.
125 ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE PROPHECY ON GHANA: President Nana Akufo-Addo and his successor in 2024
As far back as 2015, we prophesied that Mr Nana Akufo-Addo would govern the Republic of Ghana for 8 years (2016-2024) and it came to past. Now the Lord has shown us his successor in 2024 as our prophecy declares.
126 GHANA 2020 EXCLUSIVE! Who wins the December 07, 2020 presidential election?
The politics of Africa's first independent nation-state; Ghana, in the Black world, has been as intriguing as the strides the nation has witnessed in its 63 year existence.
127 Fulfilled prophecies and presage of world events
The Holy Spirit showed me that Femi was in danger and so I asked him: “Son, what is this demonic spirit of death following you? “ He looked at me taken aback and replied: “Dad, what are you talking about?”
128 UPDATED: ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE WORLD PROPHECY: A world leader is dead and 5 governors in Nigeria will not make it to 2023
Earlier this year, we prophesied in this column the imminent demise of a world leader through the current Coronavirus Pandemic. The prophecy is reproduced below in its entirety. Read and see between the line of what is about to be fulfilled anon.
129 WORLD EXCLUSIVE! Who will win the November 03, 2020 U.S. presidential election?
For those apprehensive about the election results, this will not happen. The winner of the Presidential Election of Tuesday November 03, 2020 will be known in few hours and not days as American’s political palpitations rev on overdrive, because....
130 Dream Series: 9 Reasons Lord God Almighty speak to us in dreams and Nigeria’s short-term future
We all claimed to be God's children but not all human beings are His children although we all are His creation. But He is the Father of us all and it is His duty to speak to us even though many may not 'perceive' it.

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