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121 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Is The Lord God Almighty three or what does Trinity mean? Is Trinity Biblical?
It would be a factual statement to say virtually ninety-five percent of the inhabitants of the world have 'seen' President Barak Obama, the first Black president of the United States. But it is also factually correct to say, only about one million people...
122 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - RE-God has not called me if Trump becomes U.S. President
Each time we gave prophetic words and utterances in this column about global events and great personalities, and we asked that prayers and supplications should be offered, many often wonder why prayers should be offered for such prophecies. I am pained to...
123 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Great and puzzling questions bothering Born-Again Christians (1)
Q: How Can A Born-Again Christian Know He or She is Saved and Will Make It To Heaven?; A: This is a topical question that bothers many Christians. Someone tells you he or she is a born-again Christian and you ask, if he/she will enter heaven and I am...
124 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Blow-By-Blow Rebuttal and Rejoinder to: "After David Became King, Elhanan Killed the Philistine Champion called Goliath" - By Femi Aribisala in The Vanguard Newspaper of November 17, 2013
I could not wait for few days to rebut the anti-Christian and apostate write-up of Mr. Femi Aribisala in my column hence this urgent rejoinder.
125 How the will of The True Lord God Almighty is tied to your marriage? -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Take a panoramic excursion into the Word of Life with the hindsight of the Holy Spirit; you will be shocked at the carcasses of spiritual giants who became casualties of three things dogging us all. The three existential issues and challenges of life you...
126 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Great and puzzling questions bothering Born-Again Christians (2)
Last week, we examined the Biblical validity of save assurance of a Christian and the Holy Spirit answered the nagging question of paradise. We averred on the assured Words of the Lord Jesus Christ that entering heaven is not a somnambulist discovery and...
127 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Taking up the gauntlet: The Punch Newspapers of Nigeria is blazing a trail
The social media now thinks for us, rather than the other way round. A new group of media bourgeois has arrived in our world catching in on free thought running amok on Cyberspace. The result: a globalized citizenry that is lured away from being vigilant...
128 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - To Mr. Temitope B. Joshua of Synagogue, Nigeria and me in Chicago: Let's meet at Carmel so the True Lord God Almighty will prove himself
As Gamaliel aptly disclosed in the Acts of Apostle above, of the Synagogue of All Nations at Ikotun Egbe Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa was established by You, O! Lord God Almighty and Mr. Temitope Joshua were indeed called by You; may his ministry prosper...
129 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - "Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen and has become a dwelling place of demons":- Open Letter to Mr. Temitope Balogun Joshua of Synagogue of Satan, Ejighbo, Lagos, Nigeria
I have never met you in person and do not wish to meet you one-pone-one until you are humbled by the True Lord God Almighty and per adventure rescue from Satanic strong hold and commit your life to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
130 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Finally, David transformed from being saved to a Born-Again Christian
Can a saved Christian miss the final prize of life here on earth and the hereafter which is heaven? Yes, if he or she does not look unto the Holy Spirit to quickly resolve the identity crisis constantly engineered by Satan and his demons on the inside and...

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