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111 The COVID-19 Pandemic 2.0 new wave and other prophecies
History is playing out plainly right before our eyes in the affairs of the human race. We should reiterate what is happening right now in the world and how it will pan out.
112 Antediluvian curses and ripple consequences
It was and still is one of the most famous and richest families in America and the world. The family has produced the youngest president in America sworn into office at age 43, senator, congressman, attorney general, ambassador and other prominent honchos,...
113 Inkster tatoos and holinesS: What says the Holy Spirit?
In addition to vaccination which seals the human soul for Satan and his demons, tattooing of the human body is also another demonic doorway for the spiritual forces of evil on earth.
114 Ambigran-palindrome of COVID-19 vaccination and eternal salvation
But when you ask the talking heads and the so-called scientists if taking the vaccine will protect my neighbor, you are told there is no guarantee that taking the vaccine will stop transmission of the virus. So why shouting all over the airwaves that...
115 Zero-quaesitum of vacination and coronavirus abatement
As soon as Satan succeeded in deceiving Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, he proceeded to set up a mimicry and an alternative form of sovereignty called the world over the earth. The Almighty God created the earth, while Satan set up the world through...
116 False mansuetude of celibacy and satanic doctrine
Celibacy came from the pit of hell. Satan invented it so that the human race will not multiply and subdue the earth. Celibacy and abortion are two sides of the same coin.
117 A billet-doux to all in the age of coronavirus and more
Nature unleashed on us in Texas the most gelid weather in a generation. We didn't prepare for it the least, but the Holy Spirit gave us a head up penultimate weekend as I told my wife, Dr Margie on Friday February 13, 2021 that we should get out of Cameron...
118 Of kidnappers, ransom and the irenic journey of life
I was kidnapped, physically kidnapped from Cotonou the administrative capital city of Benin Republic by the goons of deceased Nigeria's military dictator; Gen. Sani Abacha on Friday February 14, 1997. The whole saga was masterminded by Mr. Matthew Sunday...
119 America Decides 2020 and the fate of GOV. Akeredolu in Ondo 2020
Now that Mr. Akeredolu is about to complete his first term, he should not be politically confident that his second term is a -shoo-in and his re-election a foregone conclusion. He may be surprised. If he does two things as revealed to us by His Majesty on...
120 FLASHBACK: From 2016 to 2021: Published Thursday Nov. 10, 2016 -- Re-God has not called me if Trump becomes U.S. President
the True Lord God Almighty allows certain events to occur and certain people to be planted in pinnacles of political power by Satan to achieve His purpose. King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon thought it was his demon god, Nebo, that was behind his military...

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