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11 Why I ghost-wrote the autobiography of Late Oba David Folagbade Olateru-Olagbegi III, the Olowo of Owo and other matters?
I suffered dyadic tragedies in the season of our Risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ nearly a month ago. One was closer to home; the untimely transition of my second son; Oluwafemi Emmanuel Fayemiwo, and the second person; His Royal Highness, Oba Dr David...
12 Celebrating death and birth simultaneously for the good of The True Lord God Almighty
Brother Toye Odubiro and his vivacious wife, Sister Biodun Odubiro had been married for 12 years, but had known each other for 16 years. The marriage had produced no fruit of the womb until the couples got in touch with us 14 months ago from their base in...
13 The world and friends mourn the passage of my dear son, Oluwafemi Emmanuel Fayemiwo (1993-2019)
My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ didn't sugar-coat this Christian Journey and the Road to Eternal Life. I was never under any illusion that my Christian Life would be a cake walk. Once in a while, the True Lord God Almighty would allow Satan and his demons...
14 A dirge in memory of my late son, Oluwafemi Emmanuel Fayemiwo (1993-2019)
This woman; Adeola kept assuring me nothing would happen to our son. "Nothing would happen to Femi, Mariah cannot do that; nobody can kill my baby," she retorted rather dismissingly. I told her we're not talking of voodoo here, but the prophecy of the Lord...
15 Revealed! Moroni, the demon that the Mormons Church of Latter Day Saints worship
For those that have been following our series on false Christian sects and demon-energized religious organizations we began three weeks ago and which we shall continue in the next three months, you will notice three eerily itchy commonalities among them.
16 Spiritual Exposť: Luli, the demon that Celestial Church sect members worship
Most of the kids of my age were naturally gung-ho to the white garment church sect that proliferated around us while growing up in Ehin-Ogbe Quarters in my native Owo, Ondo State Western Nigeria about 50 years ago. ... Much later as I began to explore my...
17 Pseudo-Christian Denominations Series: The Jehovah Witnesses and their heresies
They are everywhere. Their ubiquity must have afforded you the opportunity to bump into their phalanx, because they are parabolic peripatetic evangelists. Indeed, their zeal is so infectious you would count them as the real deal and shoo-in messengers of...
18 2023 and readers' reactions to why Atiku lost the 2019 presidential election because of N500 million?
Hello Dr. Moshood, May the Lord continue to strengthen you. I just read the post election article in ... I am not surprised that Atiku didn't take the prophecies and God's words concerning the poll seriously. His arrogance (typical of...
19 How Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of the PDP lost the 2019 presidential election because of N500 million?
So, I told the Atiku people that I would issue a cheque for the N500m-Five Hundred Million Naira- as a bet which they should keep as a post-dated promissory note to convince them that the True Lord God Almighty had indeed spoken to me. I proceeded to write...
20 NIDABA 2019: Extra one week adding to 21-day prayer session for Buhari to go
I want you to know from the onset, Mr. Atiku, that Nigerians are not voting for you as the next president because you are necessarily better, but because of the woeful failure and dismal performance of a vegetative president who has outsourced the...

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