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11 Good people go to hell, only faithful believers in Our Lord Jesus Christ go to Heaven
Satan is a vulpine spirit. He deceives the world that you are good enough to make it to heaven.
12 Our Lord Jesus Christ is God of new rebirth: A powerful testimony of His power to change lives
When I was a child, I never got a single kiss from my mother, and I never kissed her either. I felt like I died at the age of 8 when I heard my mom say she didn't love me.
13 GUEST COLUMNIST: BOLA BOLAWOLE: My testimony of his excellency Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel CON, Governor of Akwa Ibom State (2015-2023)
I first heard of Gov. Udom Emmanuel from unusual quarters
14 BIBLICAL PROPHECIES: When does The True Lord God Almighty speak? To Sonala Olumhense!
Similarly, to Mr. Olumehense and his ilk, you must have heard of my former life at the University of Lagos, way back in Nigeria, I was a bad and terrible character, a fornicator, womanizer, liar, idolater, fraudster, scammer, thief and....
15 GUEST COLUMNIST: Re-The electoral prophecies of Moshood Fayemiwo By Sonala Olumhense May 7, 2023
"Everyone who observes Nigeria knows there is a large body of religious people and self-confessed prophets who hear, or claim to hear, the voice of God in political affairs.
16 Riposte, Feedback, Rejoinders & Letters to the columnist
Dear Dr. Moshood Fayemiwo: I saw a post that reported that President Elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu did not serve Nigeria under the NYSC Program. Is this true? I am directing this question to you given that you authored one of his biographies published...
17 To Miike Adenuga (Jr): Nigeria's eleemosynary icon at 70!
My path crossed with Otunba Mike Adenuga in 1993 shortly after the Lord Almighty used my late cousin, Tunji Fagboyegun of blessed memory to provide the seed money for the establishment of that samizdat I was publishing known as Razor.
18 Death our collective kismet and the meaning of life
To some, it approaches like a cruel stalker, to some with furious angst and to others it pounces accidentally and unannounced. Whatever its mode, it is gruesomely sneaky....
19 EXPOSED! Why and how Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the APC won the 2023 presidential election
The capacity to forgive and embrace political prodigals is a distinguishing hallmark of a good and kind-hearted leader and Asiwaju is an example. Do you see how he accepted Musiliu Obanikoro, Adeseye Ogunlewe and many others back to his camp....?
20 Why and how PDP lost the 2023 presidential election and what is yet to come
When the story of how the Opposition PDP lost the 2023 Presidential Election is truly told, it dated back to the 2019 Presidential Election....

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