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11 The 7 PS of The True Lord God Almighty for success and eternal life
Even though there are some lesser demons and fallen spirits that proclaim themselves as gods and goddesses and being worshiped by some ignorant children of Adam and Eve; we know there is Only One Lord and God Almighty, the Lord of lords, the King of kings...
12 How the True Lord God Almighty and Satan rule the Earth and World
When the Book of Life says that the True Lord God Almighty is sovereign over everything on the earth as Psalm 103:19: pointed out, many Christians peremptorily assume the Jehovah Lord God Almighty control them. Truth is; the sovereignty of the Almighty God...
13 FROM OUR ARCHIVES: Prophecies and fulfillments (2015-2019)
Once in a while, it is refreshing to turn the snooze back into our archives and give the True Lord God Almighty the Glory for what He has used us and still using us to achieve in the lives of precious souls and nations around the world.
14 Death and meaning of life: Tribute to Steve Alaba Oloko (1956-2019)
Brother Steve Alaba Oloko became a dear brother via Cyberspace. We "met" about four years ago like numerous souls the Holy Spirit orchestrated our paths to cross. He lived in Cremona Italy and was a EU citizen. He had been in Italy for nearly three decades...
15 Otherness and otherwiseness of South African xenophobia: A spiritual analysis
'Where are you from?' is an embarrassing question I have been asked nth occasions in my adopted nation of the United States for 20 years.
16 Texas Breakthrough 2020: Who will be next governors of Kogi and Bayelsa and prophecy on the new Olowo of Owo?
There is a decimal motif discernible in the Holy Bible, from Genesis, the Book of All Beginnings to Revelation, the Book of All Conclusions and Eternal Victory.
17 Come to Texas, United States of America for Breakthrough 2020
As we enter the Year 2020 of our Lord, we want you to avail yourself of the wonderful opportunity provided by the Holy Spirit for our Breakthrough 2020 coming up on January 17-19 here in beautiful Cameron, Texas United States of America. This is a...
18 Boko Haram - The unknown face of evil
After the 2014 kidnapping of the 276 schoolgirls Boko Haram announced it would treat the young women as slaves and marry them off. This was a reference to an ancient Islamic belief...
19 Are you Speaking in Tongues Or Praying in Tongues?
I could still remember during the service when the man of God laid hands on me and told me to start speaking in tongues. I was tongue-tied insisting I didn't know what he meant. 'Just start verbalizing out what is in your mind and say it!' Brother Ukachi...
20 How can the evil of terrorism be abated?
Sadly, terrorism has almost become a quotidian evil around the world in the past decade. And, while thatís a distressing statement, itís also an accurate one.

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